Royce and Billie

Where are the IIconics?

In addition, PWInsider also confirmed in their report The IIconics are now with the Impact Wrestling promotion, and the official signing is done.

Who is Billy K?

Billy K. is a professional and experienced Recording Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Beat Maker, and Musician from Philadelphia, PA. Billy’s studio MUSICALLY SPEAKING STUDIOS is one of the premier recording facilities on the East Coast and is conveniently located in Blackwood, NJ.

What are The IIconics called now?

Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics are officially now known as The IInspiration on the indies. Jessica McKay (fka Billie Kay) and Cassie Lee (fka Peyton Royce) announced on Twitter today that The IInspiration Tour will be coming soon.

professional and experienced

Are the IIconics still together?

Ever since the IIconics broke up at the end of August 2020, Royce struggled to receive any meaningful television time as a singles wrestler on Raw. On the surface, the decision to break up Peyton Royce and Billie Kay didn’t make sense and left fans scratching their heads.

What’s next for IIconics?

The Iiconics have revealed they will now be known as Iinspiration and will be going on a multi-city tour very soon. WWE has released more than 50 wrestlers in 2021 and with each passing month, more of those former employees are allowed to go and ply their trade elsewhere.

What were The IIconics called in NXT?

NXT (2015-2018)

For a period of over a year, the two were used as jobbers and lost all of their matches as a team, although they won a few separately; during that period, they were renamed Cassie (Royce) and Jessie (Kay), before taking on their names of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in August 2015.

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multi-city tour very soon