Bra And Panties Match

By the time Sara concludes her slaughter of Jessie with a Front Facelock followed by a hair-assisted takedown, the hapless Jessie Belle looks like she barely has breath left in her body. Hammerlocks, Surfboards, armbars, straitjacket chokes, Chicken-wings and more are applied and exchanged in an effort to score the first fall. Eventually, the first point goes to La Rosa with a tights assisted rollup. Heidi battles back, still targeting La Rosa’s arms and her determination eventually pays off with the equalizing fall. This veteran battle goes back and forth until a tightly wrapped Sleeper finally leaves one wrestler kayoed on the canvas.

These ladies are out for blood, stretching each other out, slamming one another into corners, going for a Sleeper finish or a Boston Crab submission. Mary takes an early advantage in the final fall, but Candice shows her resilience by powering out of Mary’s Sleeperhold. When one grappler “socks” the other with a vicious DDT, then holds on for a seated Front Facelock, there’s no escape for the soon-to-be-sockless loser.


Athena shows off her tremendous power, hauling Mia up into a Hangman before delivering a devastating Gory Neckbreaker as the momentum shifts solidly in Athena’s favor. Never count Mia out though and these two battle on until an arched Surfboard/Chinlock leads to a desperate tap out. There isn’t much La Rosa can do to stop Allysin from taking her boots and socks off, one leg at a time.

Lots of mouthy back and forth exchanges about who’s got the upperhand on who here. Pretty straight-forward chain wrestling with some close pinfalls and sneaky maneuvers. Leva starts to focus on Ben’s arm to which Ben responds in kind by playing a little rougher.

Stephie tries to press the advantage with a Headscissors, but Ivelisse knees her way out and eventually manages to catch her foe in a Dragon Sleeper to tie the score at one fall apiece. Menacingly, relentlessly, viciously, Madison spends the entirety of the match torturing Kimberly and her hair. Hair Snapmares, hair chokes and hair-assisted Bodyslams are the order of the day as Madison attacks Kimberly literally from head to toe.

Big SwoleBilled height5 ft 5 in Billed fromClearwater, FloridaTrained byGeorge SouthDebut2015Aerial Hull, better known as Big Swole, is an American professional wrestler. Previously signed to All Elite Wrestling, she performs on the independent circuit, where she is the current Phoenix of Rise champion. CinemaCon comes amid signs that investors are starting to sour a bit on the streaming business, which has been positioned as both the grim reaper and the savior of movies, depending on who’s talking. Flower lovers will also appreciate the Flower Fields inspired cocktail served at onsite Cassara Kitchen & Bar—a hibiscus sour made with grapefruit juice, agave nectar and hibiscus syrup. Repeated Atomic Drops leave Chasyn befuddled, an elevated Bearhug has him breathless, a Bow & Arrow has him helpless atop Jessie’s knees.


They fight to a stalemate early on until Rachel counters an attempted Monkey Flip by throwing Santana to the far corner of the ring. Once in Rachel’s clutches Santana takes a harsh beating from guillotine legdrops, Sidewalk Slam and a crushing Bearhug punctuated with hairpulls, finger rakes and biting. That said, anyone who has seen Christina in action knows that she can’t be counted out of a match, however shaky her start. The match goes back and forth with Christina brutalizing the youngster with her signature Headbutts along with punches, kicks and chokes on the ropes. Suplexes, Bodyslams, Neckbreakers–Britani takes a licking but keeps on ticking. Christie has her lights turned out more than a dozen times in this beatdown thanks to Rachel’s Bearhugs, Headscissors and chokeouts.

And when Jessie manages to surprise Su with a quick rollup that scores a 2 count, Su is quick to respond with an aggressive barrage of kicks and strikes that quickly take the fight out of the Australian. Some expected taunts aside, the ladies are all business–the majority of vocalizations during this match are the wrestlers’ screams of pain and Kristin’s oddly intense refereeing. Leva comes out looking for a clean sweep as a school boy pin nearly ends the match in the blink of an eye. The relentless attack of Leva seems to be too much, but with the speed and skill these ladies possess you never know what is going to happen next. Divina surprises Leva with a Dragon Sleeper that forces a tap, tying the match at 1 Fall apiece. Titan is stunned as he is thrown to the ground in a Headlock Takeover, but that is only the start of Su’s vengeance.

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Stomps, slams, stretches, twists and pulls are all fair game as Amber seems set on crippling her opponent. Amy finds her long legs over the ropes, ring apron and cornerpost as Amber just goes to town. Not content to simply brutalize her opponent’s legs, Amber shows off her repertoire of complex, painful and pretzel-like holds at Ms Love’s expense. Amy’s legs get a slight reprieve when Amber decides to show off her Abdominal Stretch and Figure Four Headscissors. Stomps, stomach claws, some excruciating legholds and some good old fashioned Bodyslams have each battler taking their share of the pain. It takes one heck of a reverse DDT to put one of these ladies down for the final 1-2-3.

It’s all over before it starts for Candice as Titan takes over right away. An elevated Full Nelson knocks her out and Rain declares Titan as the winner. He states that he is not through with Candice and Rain tries to convince him the match is already over and he is the winner.

Nikki’s anger manifests itself immediately in a vicious Figure Four Leglock after which she strips off one of Santana’s boots and wins the first fall with an Anklelock. It’s only a matter of time before Santana loses the other boot and the socks underneath, screaming out submission after submission as Nikki abuses her brunette’s slender legs with cruel abandon. A brutal Dragon Sleeper leaves one lady motionless on the mat as the other crows in celebration of a well-earned victory. Chasyn is left helpless against a final Full Nelson/bodyscissors that has him desperately tapping out the final submission. After taking the match and his pride, Serena takes Chasyn’s belt as well but not before delivering another low blow that leaves the ex-champ curled up on the canvas.

She also competed in the Uncensored Rumble match, which was won by Lexxus. At Full Steam Ahead on October 13, Belle had her first successful title defense against Nikki Addams. Belle had another successful title defense against Ezavel Suena on October 12, 2013, but she would be attacked by Suena after the match, leading Belle to challenge Suena to a Title vs Mask rematch. At Mutiny on February 8, 2014, Belle lost the title to Suena, who later unmasked and revealed herself as the villainous Niya.

She made an appearance on Raw in August 2016 as Aerial Monroe, during which she competed against Nia Jax in a losing effort. She then competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament, where she was defeated by Zeuxis in the first round. On August 10, 2019, Hull defeated Zoe Lucas to become the Phoenix of Rise Champion. She went to Clearwater High School and served in the United States Air Force as a fire truck mechanic. She then began her professional wrestling training in North Carolina under George South. The team’s victory was soured by an injury to one of their best players.

  • The story of this match is the diabolical chemistry of the Blossoms, who employ rapid tags to disorient their foes.
  • Basically it’s a lot of kicking and suffering for the blonde in and out of the ring.
  • McKenzie now finds herself Clotheslined in the corner and Ivelisse stuns her with a Yakuza Kick and a running Bulldog before hitting some downright vicious kicks to the back of the neck.

Allysin fakes an act of kindness, then proceeds to inflict yet another anklelock. However, Solo is far from intimidated by her more experienced opponent and frequently turns the tables on Malia. Unfortunately this only serves to frustrate Malia who begins to take more and more shortcuts. As Solo battles to stay in the match, Leva must also battle to ensure that Malia plays fair. This match won’t be an easy W for either competitor and we the audience get to enjoy the show. Suplexes into a Sharpshooter end this one in a submission, but we can only hope this isn’t the last meeting of these two fiery ladies.

However, Christina has a mean streak a mile long and turns up the viciousness some more. She stuns Kimberly with a jawbreaker, drops her with a hard Clothesline and even beats her up with a hairbrush! Kimberly rallies after being tied up in a Tree of Woe, but Christina seems to find a way to regain the advantage each time. The Kitten attacks Solo with a variety of holds ranging from running knee strikes to a variety of illegal chokes. Solo does her best to hang in there against the sheer force known as The Kitten, but this day does not belong to her.

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Betsy’s power comes into play as she battles back, locking on a Full Nelson before smashing Lexie with a running Clothesline. Kimberly is bent over the ropes by her hair, she’s choked with her hair, a Camel Clutch is applied using her hair as leverage, her head is bounced off the mat using her hair. In between, Britani breaks up the rhythm with a snap Suplex here or a kick there.

At one point Amy serves as the rope in a tug of war as Su grabs Amy’s hair and Leva takes hold of her boots before both pull in opposite directions. By the end of this prolonged double team beatdown the supermodel can barely sit upright without falling over. A devastating cutter puts Amy down for the 3 count followed by a ‘stone cold’ celebration that leaves one of Team Edward down and out alongside her. Justine shows none early on as she pulls hair, chokes and rakes Kellie’s eyes on the top rope to take the early advantage. Kellie counters with a powerful running forearm in the corner and follows with a tight Sleeper, but Justine feeds the Aussie a steady diet of forearm smashes, kicks and stomps.

Out-worked, Jesse resorts to hairpulling and a blatant closed fist to Kellie’s jaw that rocks her. Jesse presses his foot against Kellie’s throat and knocks her down with a snapping Lariat. The finally comes when one of the wrestlers hits her patented finisher, turning the lights out on her foe and ending the match with a bang.

Santana does not only a masterful job of working over Nooie in the ring, but she dishes out some punishment outside the ring as well. Santana also makes sure Nooie suffers by making him endure a wide variety of submission holds. Santana will eventually leave the ring have dominated her opponent, even sitting on him for the merciful and final 10 count. After some Snapmares, armdrags and double underhooks things could go either way. One determined lady finally earns the submission victory with a cross armbreaker that leaves the victim with no other choice than to tap out and fight another day. After several near misses and desperate escapes, one wrestler’s tank finally reaches empty and after a long struggle she goes out for good.

A deep Sleeperhold puts Titan down for a 10 count, but that’s only the beginning. There’s scientific wrestling to start, with Headlocks, armwringers and Headscissors being exchanged in rapid succession. While Alexxis tries her hardest to make Angela tap out to a single-leg Boston Crab, it’s Angela who grabs the first fall with a bridging Deathlock variation. Lorelei’s stand-up routine consists of a spine-tingling Backbreaker, belly-aching Bearhug and a hysterical Torture Rack.

The Kitten eventually puts Solo down for good, no doubt she will be having nightmares about kittens from this day forward. The two rack up more than a dozen 2 counts with small packages, bridging pin attempts, bodyscissors, and reversals to those maneuvers. Evie scores near falls after delivering a Clothesline, a nasty running Dropkick and a forearm smash in the corner. Kay Lee nearly gets the win after connecting on a vicious Enzuigiri Kick. Mia literally has Athena on the ropes as she hangs her in a Tarantula, suspends her in an overhead double-toed Bow & Arrow and nearly gets a submission with a Crucifix Armbar. A back and forth exchange before Jayme takes control with a Camel Clutch.

Armlocks, corner work, rope work and choking are the order of the day here as both ladies are out to cause some major pain. Close pinfalls and excruciating holds set up an exciting finish until it’s Lights Out for one bested athlete. After enduring a lengthy beatdown, Chris goes on the offensive, hitting Malia with elbows, a Bodyslam and several over-the-knee Backbreakers that result in a couple near pinfalls.

By the match’s midpoint, Sara is semi-conscious, being tossed around in Suplexes and throttled with well placed knees to the throat. A Sleeperhold is very nearly enough to give Stephie the win by KO, but Allysin is able to fight back at the last moment and scores a near knockout of her own with a crushing Bearhug. A modified Boston Crab ends the match, scoring the submission for one of these well-matched women.

A final hair-assisted, neck-cranking submission compels Jayme to give up without having offered so much as a single beat of resistance. A sustained Headscissors almost sends Santana to dreamland, but Latasha is still not quite finished and switches to a Camel Clutch to bring Santana yet more pain. Almost out on her feet, one final devastating kick is enough to put Santana down for what is by now a merciful 3 count. The gullible Jason has no idea what the women had planned and he winds up paying a steep price for not knowing who he was in the ring with. Jason will also have the opportunity to have a nightmare about his altercation as a Su Yung Figure Four eventually causes him to pass out.

In bra and panties matchups, a female wrestler could enter a “spanking” mini-game. The meter mechanic from the chop battles are retained, but the player must perfectly time the button press three consecutive times to win. If the player does so, a cut scene of the two female wrestlers kissing is played. On July 12, 2017, WrestleTalk TV revealed that Payano and several others will be competing in WWE’s upcoming show Mae Young Classic. The following day, she was eliminated from the tournament in the first round by Rachel Evers.

Who is Jayme Jameson maintain control of the

Angel is known to bend the rules sometimes and this time is no different. Jayme’s wrist tape soon turns into a weapon for Williams, who is happy to choke as much oxygen out of Jayme as she possibly can. In the end, a Heart Punch out of nowhere is enough to ensure a definitive victory for one of these talented competitors. Machete takes Kellie’s best shots in stride and responds with devastating effect, torturing Kellie with an over-the-knee Backbreaker, Abdominal Stretch and a Bow & Arrow. Battered and bent to her breaking point Kellie has little left to resist the dominant Joey as he clamps her in a Camel Clutch, wrenching her in a Chinlock and refusing to let go.

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Much to Jennifer’s credit, Rain’s role in this affair is largely observational. Jennifer fights firm but fair, never once resorting to anything other than her obvious ability to maintain control of the contest. Unsurprisingly, it is a submission hold that wins this match, leaving one wrestler in no doubt that she has been schooled in the art of submission wrestling. Quick and agile, both ladies find creative escapes and reverses in this fast-paced bout. Jessie slaps on an Abdominal Stretch, a bridging Surfboard hold and a Sleeperhold in an attempt to wear down her opponent. Courtney, who began the match by bragging about her strength, backs up her claims by nailing Jessie with high-impact moves such as a double-underhook slam, Suplex, Fisherman’s Suplex.

However, Ivelisse regains her composure like the pro she is and goes back on the offensive. McKenzie now finds herself Clotheslined in the corner and Ivelisse stuns her with a Yakuza Kick and a running Bulldog before hitting some downright vicious kicks to the back of the neck. In the end, a seemingly sportsmanlike Lorelei helps a disoriented Chasyn up, reaches for a handshake and kicks the hapless guy in the stomach instead. With a knee on his throat, he has no option but to admit Lorelei’s superiority before being ejected from the ring.

The match is full of quick reversals and underhanded brutality–there’s a lot of choking, cheap shots, kicking and punching. Bodies are bounced continually off of turnbuckles and necks are bent back dangerously over the ropes. But for all the blunt force viciousness, it’s an intricate submission move that ties one lady’s legs into a knot and has her screaming for mercy. A test of strength ends up undecided and before long Stephie discovers the disadvantages of wrestling barefoot when the Huntress bites her toes while trying to get out of a single-leg Boston Crab.

He goes to work with knees, stomps, choking, over-the-knee Backbreakers and lots of ab work. In fact, Titan puts most of his focus on Jessie’s sure to be sore midsection. Moves that would be devastating enough, like an over-the-shoulder Backbreaker, are made more so with Titan’s introduction of hairpulling and fish-hooking.

On June 12, 2008, Belle debuted for World of Unpredictable Wrestling as Tristan Spade’s valet. She made her wrestling debut on November 7, 2009 for World of Unpredictable Wrestling, where she faced Tina San Antonio and Sweet Pea in a match that ended in a triple count-out. She is best known for working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Marti Bell. Unsurprisingly, Amber kicks things off both aggressively and literally, letting Jason know exactly what he is up against. For his part, Jason refuses to be overwhelmed and the match develops into a tough, back and forth battle. Su remains on hand to ensure fair play, and her services are called upon frequently.

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A roll-around-the-ropes lock up starts us off before both ladies start with some classic Hammerlock switch-ups. Leg scissors, Headscissors, Headlocks and a test of strength see our ladies struggling for top position, but also keeping it clean. Trading off Bearhugs leads into Jen really working Lacey’s leg while Lacey focuses on Jennifer’s arm.


Kellie leads in submissions, particularly a painful Anklelock that has Evie desperate for release. Evie’s athletic side is shown in her use of dropdowns, Leapfrogs and Monkey Flip action. Kicks to the back and a corner Clothesline have Kellie in trouble, but some well placed kicks, a splash and a Suplex put her back in the game.

A very brief feeling out process escalates into hard kicks, thigh presses and a Headbutt courtesy of the nasty Nevaeh. Leva is helpless as Nevaeh straddles her and pounds her out with forearms to the face leading to the first of many 10 counts. In the end, an excruciating submission hold spells the end for one of these competitors. Solo completely dominates Jessicka in this match-up, and even when the bigger wrestler taps out to a Sharpshooter, Solo is not finished making Jessicka howl in pain. Athena absorbs some serious damage from the smaller Yim, but she turns the tables with a double-toed Surfboard and brutal Crossface on Mia.

She then appeared in a dark match, on July 14, 2017 in a six woman tag team match teaming with Santana Garrett and Sarah Logan versus Jazzy Gabert, Kay Lee Ray and Tessa Blanchard. Tasha is eager to humiliate Jessie Belle and prove that she’s always one step ahead of the precocious challenger. She slips out of a Surfboard stretch, twisting Jessie into a pin attempt that almost ends the match. Some questionable hand biting halts any attempts from Jessie Belle to build momentum. They trade bridging wristlocks until Tasha is able to trap Jessie Belle’s arm and deliver a spanking! The back and forth action comes to a close when one wrestler is trapped in a long, grueling Crossface Chickenwing that sees her having to submit not once, but two times.

As the action spills outside the ring, neither athlete gives way to the other. She endures an Abdominal Stretch, a Crossface, a huge face-first slam, and Betsy even bends James to the point where her foot touches her own head! She gets tied to the Tree of Woe and even hammered with a baseball bat before finally surrendering to a particularly vicious fishhook Camel Clutch by Machete. The deal was 30 minutes, and now Jessica certainly realizes her mouth got her in trouble again. One final arm-twisting submission makes one lady tap at the end of this well-fought contest.

After making multiple appearances on Dark, Swole made her Dynamite debut on December 11, during which she scored a victory over Emi Sakura in singles competition. In June 2020, she began a rivalry with Britt Baker, which led to her abducting Baker and tossing her into a trash bin during an episode of Dynamite; she was suspended in July for this act. Swole defeated Baker in a Tooth and Nail match, which was taped at Baker’s dental office, on September 5 at All Out. The ref is lenient, allowing the ladies a hairpull or 2 and a the odd low blow. Rain delivers a devastating jawbreaker and agonizing Scorpion Leglock to Kimberly, but Kristin avenges her partner with an over-the-knee Backbreaker and stunning Neckbreaker on the raven-haired veteran.

Despite her apparent interest in fair play at the start of the bout, Angel proves that she is not averse to taking the occasional shortcut when she feels it is required. The ring shakes as Sara sits down on the raven haired beauty’s spine over and over again, driving her into the canvas. A Boston Crab fails to earn a submission so Sara straddles her foe while blatantly pulling her hair. Jayme is slingshotted across the ring, tied up in the ropes and pounded in the corner.

Leva gets creative, picking apart Nevaeh’s legs so that she won’t be able to stand up. It takes an onslaught of Sleepers, stomach kicks and a final concussive punch to put one warrior down for good. When she’s not wearing down Athena with submission holds, Jessicka is delivering powerful clubs, kicks, stomps, elbow drops and more. Athena suffers foot and rope chokes, hairpulls and face slams into the mat. Jessicka enjoys delivering the pain and she locks on a painful submission hold in order to hear Athena scream one more time before the match ends.

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Rain seems to be confused throughout the match about the submission only rules, as she attempts to pin Amber several times throughout the bout. Rain does capture Amber in some submissions though and the action is furious throughout the 15 minutes. In the end, one wrestler barely escapes with a one point win, a win that causes a crazed loser to just viciously attack their superior until the referee is forced to intervene. The match starts off with a lot of chain wrestling between the ladies, but a well applied Sharpshooter give the southern belle an early lead. It takes Amber’s sly exploitation of ring geography to break Angel’s flow as the latter gets her throat bounced off the ropes. Amber follows this up with a perfect Camel Clutch and a dubious pin attempt that gets her the first fall.

Lorelei is forced to endure double and tripleteaming, slaps, stomps, ab work, and endless taunts. All three of Lorelei’s opponents seem to focus on her poor midsection, while not being afraid to throw in Bodyslams, a Sharpshooter, double Clotheslines and even a Tree of Woe for good measure. Bellies are targeted as Courtney gets punched while caught in a Tree of Woe. Tons more Suplexes come next and lead into a series of back-bending holds that leave Courtney gasping on the mat.

To her credit Kellie utilizes her speed to hit Joey with quick strikes whenever possible, ducking Clotheslines and flying off the ropes with springboard elbows, Dropkicks and Sunset Flips. The competitors keep it classic and clean with Armbars, stomach claws and Surfboards. It’s not until one brave grappler find herself in a torturous, inescapable hold that she realizes it’s all over and screams her submission.

A Camel Clutch, scissored Armbar and a Chinlock wear Betsy down, but she never quits. Lexie goes for broke with a power move, but can she get Betsy up on her shoulders to pull it off? Betsy has a clear size advantage and Lexie has to reach deep into her bag of tricks to get the upper hand. Gouging the eyes and pulling the hair of the younger wrestler, Lexie shows off the strategic mind that has won her countless matches.

But, most of all, she pulls on MsChif’s two-toned hair and chokes her again and again. We get hair-assisted Chinlocks, hair-assisted chokes, hair yanked around the ropes, handful of hair as leverage. And when she’s not pulling MsChif’s hair, Miss Rachel’s strong hands and arms are wrapped firmly around her neck. The final combination choke/Half Nelson that puts MsChif out is practically an act of mercy. The pair start the match circling each other like predators, MsChif sounding out her scream to disconcert her would-be prey.

She lays into Evie with forearm shots and then drives her head into a chair! Using the furniture to stand tall, Jessie is able to apply a Sleeper that really puts the squeeze on Evie. Back inside, Jessie shows off her strength with an elevated Chickenwing hold.

She tries to wear down Sin-D with a wrenching Side Headlock and legscissors/Full Nelson before rolling Sin-D into a small package for a near pinfall. A Surfboard, a tight Camel Clutch, and a brutal Ab Claw keep Jessie Belle reeling. She does her best to get the on Malia, but the veteran refuses to stay down. Lots of tight holds in this one, but eventually it’s a dirty pin that seals the victory for one combatant. The two women are well matched in the early stages, testing each other with armlocks and Headlocks. Slowly, Angel begins to take control of the bout and Leva must endure a seated Surfboard, a crushing bodyscissors and more as an aggressive Angel dominates the action.

Ivelisse nearly grabs the win with a Rocking Horse, but the tenacious Stephie refuses to submit. In the end, a quick rollup earns one of these ladies a hard-fought win. Su quickly dominates the action, trapping Jessie in a painful Bow & Arrow hold within the first few moments of the match. She continues to control the action with an onslaught of knees drops and Headbutts to Jessie’s back, belly claws, nerve pinches and more. Taryn survives the double teaming and finally makes the much needed tag.

Su is still lurking nearby and Serena might just get her rematch sooner than she hoped. When the dust finally settles, only one of these 3 women will still be conscious. The two veteran grapplers test each other with a Camel Clutch in the first round, followed by a Boston Crab, Figure Four and over-the-knee Backbreaker. The two trade armbars, Headlocks and Hiptosses in the early stages of the match until Candice gains the advantage.

The two go after each other with Dropkicks, forearms, knee chokes on the mat, and one particularly nasty low blow. Back and forth they go until one huge knockout punch puts one wrestler down and out, unable to answer the referee’s 10 count. No admission of defeat from Amber, though as she starts to recover and right away sets her sights on Amy’s legs.

It is Justine that takes the first fall, taking a little longer than necessary to release her hold on a frantically tapping Kimberly. But as ever in the ring, what goes around comes around and when Kimberly levels the score, she too is somewhat reluctant to give Justine her arm back. Neither are afraid to try corner work or choking, but lucky for both participants, we have an official to keep it legal. At the end of the day, one lady finds herself tapping to a brutal guillotine choke while the ref is there to raise the victor’s arm. Mary dominates in the second fall, attacking with a hairpull, chokes and kicks in the corner and a Figure Four Leglock that Candice gives in to … and gives up a sock.

The deciding fall can go either way, with both grapplers earning near-decisions. In the end, a questionable finish leaves one frustrated loser in the ring. Athena soon fires back with a series of Suplexes and Dropkicks, then wears her opponent down with Sleeper, Atomic Drop and more. Camel Clutches, stomach claws, stomps and a big Powerbomb end the second fall.

The deciding fall is hotly contested, but eventually one of these competitors is forced to submit to a vicious Hangman’s Neckbreaker. By the time, they tap poor Taryn out with a bizarre double Boston Crab/double hairpull, the poor brunette is all but spent. A definitive 3 count ends this match, leaving one wrestler sorely disappointed. Nooie refuses to stay pinned and is forced to endure hold after hold, Kimberly’s low tactics and humiliations. The match ends much like it began, with lots of quick moves and reversals, ending when one wrestler has no choice but to tap out after being trapped in an inverted Full Nelson on the met.

Kimberly regroups in a hurry and takes the fight to Rachel before she can follow up, targeting her legs with a quick standing Dropkick and leg trip. Kimberly attacks the pins and has the massive Rachel at her mercy with anklelocks, a knee-breaker and single-leg Boston Crab until a tight Sharpshooter has Rachel slapping the mat with an emphatic submission. Jessie gets the start and is soon hanging in a Tree of Woe as all four women pour on the punishment directly to her abs. Jessie is trapped in the ring as her opponents enter and exit at their leisure, each taking repeated turns to decimate her abs. Abdominal Stretches, Bow & Arrow holds, diving Headbutts and Dropkicks torture and shred Jessie midsection until she finally makes a desperate tag. Belle debuted for Evolve on September 8, 2012 in a losing effort to Christina Von Eerie.

Christie cleans house, but when one sister breaks up the pin, all hell breaks loose as the battle rages on in and out of the ring. With their game plan out the window, the Blossoms find themselves on the receiving end of dual elbow drops. A forced “meeting of the minds” has them seeing stars and it looks like Taryn and Christie might have turned the tide. A tight Sunset Flip in leaves one pair celebrating team unity and the other pointing fingers at each other.

Jessie endures stomach claws, Bearhugs, wishbone leg splitters and more. Ben puts a stop to all of this with a shot below the belt, which really brings a halt to Leva’s momentum. Suplexes, Sidewalk Slams, Backdrops and some blatant rope choking are just some of the things Leva must endure at Ben’s hand. This one comes right down to the wire with both competitors eventually staring up at the lights. Sara is used to out-muscling her opponents but Matt gives her something to worry about in the opening Test of Strength. But the advantage doesn’t last as a shot to the gut brings her back down.

Who is Jayme Jameson devastating cutter puts Amy

We see Snap Suplexes, chokes and crotch-drops on the ropes, backbreaking submissions and even some action outside the ring. An elevated Bearhug and a final low blow is the last straw for poor Nooie–he lies prone on the mat as the victorious April poses over his body. Amy takes charge early, but Jake’s clearly more annoyed than hurt as he narrates his way through escapes and belittles Amy’s offense. Amy rocks Jake’s back with knee drives and sledgehammer blows and a mat slam nearly busts his inflated gourd wide open.

Lexie stretches Rain to the limit with a swinging cradle submission that she turns into a Surfboard, but still can’t get Rain to tap out. The end comes quickly when one wrestler folds up her opponents legs like a pretzel and locks in a double reverse Chickenwing to finally earn the very painful submission. With neither woman showing much respect for the rules, this match is very much a back and forth affair. Whenever one wrestler looks to gain the advantage, a little corner cutting and lot of hair quickly stops her in her tracks. Even legitimate wrestling holds and moves are aided by a handful of an opponent’s locks to add to the discomfort. The action continues with Amber nearly scoring the win with a unique submission hold, whilst Cade exploits every opening, almost stealing victory with a roll up.

Then she gets REALLY nasty with knees to the stomach, feet on the abdomen, chokes on the ropes and hammer blows to the head. Rain fights back a couple of times but this rarely lasts–the match is owned by Tracy. Both women are aggressive but neither can dominate the other as the action shifts back and forth in waves. After a hard back and forth battle, a powerful catapult sends one wrestler face-first into the turnbuckles and sets her up for a decisive final anklelock and frantic tapout. This leads to a leg bar but Jessicka counters with her own and Mia’s legs are now in jeopardy.

The Third Fall escalates quickly and spills out of the ring, where both competitors are counted out. Nikki takes the early advantage with spinning toeholds, repeated footstomps and a draining Dragon Sleeper, but Shantelle gives as good as she gets with grinding Headlocks and a tortuous STF. Both women are wounded going into the final fall, but one will overcome the pain to score a decisive victory at her opponent’s expense. Kimberly has the speed advantage and gains an early edge, but the powerful Rachel lifts Kimberly off the mat with ease, reversing a Front Facelock into a driving turnbuckle shoulder block. Rachel punishes Kimberly with arm stretches and knee drives to the elbow before burying her in a powerful Headscissors. After taking an early beating, Rain powers out of a Reverse Chinlock and propels herself off the ropes numerous times, hitting Sin-D with a Clothesline, kicks to the gut and elbow smashes.