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Gripes over dirty laundry have been aired by Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez, former well-loved Instagram couples. Claims her relationship ended because the relationship became detrimental to Alvarrez’s business and she was manipulated by her ex-boyfriend. A median estimated net worth of $3 million was reported for Alexis Ren by 2021.

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After Alexis, Jay sparked rumors that he briefly dated YouTuber Tana Mongeau. In a YouTube video, the two used the “boyfriend tag” and many believe they were hooking up on an influencer trip in Greece. On that same trip, Tana posted a photo of Jay feeding him grapes with the caption, “bae feeding me clout like,” which sparked the initial dating rumors. After dropping out of school with another girl in Hawaii and further pursuing his career, Jay’s first public relationship was with current model Chaser Miller.

Who is Jay Alberez business and she was manipulated

Successful social media influencer Jay Alvarrez is most widely known for his unique videography encompassing luxurious travel destinations and individualistic style. Jay Alvarrez has large followings on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, and has the largest following on Instagram with a consistent 6.2 million users. At the current age of only 23, Jay was born in Oahu, Hawaii on June 5, 1995.

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What Is The Jay Alvarrez Video & Why Has It Made Coconut Oil Trend On TikTok?

Along with maintaining a substantial Instagram following, Chaser is most known for her modeling career with the brand Brandy Melville. Being from the same island of Oahu, Chaser and Jay briefly dated amongst the swirl and start of their careers. The video created by TikTok influencer Jay Alvarrez, featuring coconut oil, has caused the oil to become trending.

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Jay hasn’t been enrolled in school since the age of 13 and left home at age 15. He has since lived in areas such as Los Angeles and currently abides in Hawaiian home when not exploring. According to a video on Jay’s YouTube channel, the passing was further motivation for the success of the life he had dreamed of and the production of his art.