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Growing up he was known as a nerd as he was obsessed with books and sports . After completing school, Jason enlisted in the Marine Corps despite having several athletic scholarships. Jason started as a United States Marine Corps for 7 years as a scout sniper. From there he pursued and implemented his music hobby as a music career. Jason Luv is an American rapper, hip-hop artist, exotic dancer, personal trainer, and model.

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In 2021 Jason Luv was live on Tory Lanez Live, an Instagram rapper called Quarantine radio. There were 3,60,000 people present to listen to his music. His music was so captivating that his social media followers grew to 1,30,000 within minutes of the concert. Jason Luv began a new career in the music industry on May 4, 2020.

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He reluctantly declined because his schedule will be slammed with family and career responsibilities. They kept their romance very low key and were only snapped together in public a few times after they met while filming a spoof Take That video. His advertising work has appeared everywhere from Times Square billboards to the astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s international campaign to colonize Mars. The globe is large, and there are many successful artists in this period, but who cares about the behind-the-scenes challenges… To pursue his modelling career, he joined the Model Mayhem 2013 and proceeded to promote men’s supplements in 2020 from Vigor Labs. Jason’s latest track “Ticktock” has gone viral with multiple influencers and celebrities.

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Jason Luv is an American Hip-Hop artist, actor, fitness model, and social media personality. The tattoos on his body and the muscular body he has attracted fans to him. He began performing in Miami nightclubs and gained popularity in the Miami music scene, which encouraged him to pursue music professionally. On February 1, 1985, Jason Luv was born and was an American actor, hip hop artist, famous American exotic dancer, personal trainer, and fitness model who hails from Louisiana. He was born in Lafayette, Los Angeles and raised in Ville Platte, Los Angeles.

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