Who is Jarrett Stod

Who is Jarrett Stod Smith was identified

List Of Atomwaffen Division Members In The United States Who Faced Criminal Charges

Cole was allowed to leave the scene but later a warrant was issued for his arrest. A federal grand jury indicted Bruce-Umbaugh and he was charged with possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance. During the detention hearing the court also heard a recording of a phone call in which Bruce-Umbaugh told the deputies they were lucky they caught him off guard or he would have “shot the pigs”. Bruce-Umbaugh pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. Smith was identified as a member of the Atomwaffen Division, and he had also been in contact with the Baltic branch Feuerkrieg Division. He used the pseudonym “Anti-Kosmik”, a reference to “Anti-Cosmic” Satanism.

Samuel Woodward

“Neo-Nazi pleads guilty over threats to journalists”. “Accused former Atomwaffen Division leader shared child pornography, prosecutors allege in Va. court”. “Alleged neo-nazi charged with illegal possession of semi-automatic rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition”. “Suspected neo-Nazi pleads guilty to gun crime”. Thompson, A. C.; Winston, Ali . “U.S. Marine to Be Imprisoned Over Involvement With Hate Groups”.

The members would allegedly visit the apartments of their victims with their faces covered, deface their houses and intimidate them with death threats, including threatening to burn their houses down. Several of the victims moved or went into hiding out of fear for their lives. An investigative reporter, Chris Ingalls with KING-TV in Seattle, moved his family out of their home and told “I’ll be looking over my shoulder for a long time”. Another victim, Mala Blomquist, an editor for Arizona Jewish Life told she was traumatized by the ordeal and no longer leaves the house alone. Neither Bruce-Umbaugh nor Cole is allowed to possess firearms.