Who played Amanda Reed in NCIS?

NCIS (TV Series 2003– ) – Jamie Luner as Amanda Reed – IMDb.

Who is Jamie Michelle Annie Hawkins in

Who plays Annie Supernatural season 7?

Jamie Michelle Luner (b. May 12, 1971) is an American actress who played hunter and ghost Annie Hawkins in the Season 7 episode Of Grave Importance.

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What happens to Annie in Supernatural?

Annie investigates a haunted house after she receives a call from a ghost there asking to be freed. Annie decides to call Sam and Dean in as she heads towards the house. Once there, she discovers the bodies of a murdered couple, and moments later she is killed herself.

Who is Jamie Michelle Annie Supernatural

Who is Eve on Melrose Place?

Eve is portrayed by Rena Sofer. Although never credited as a main character, she appears in every episode from her first appearance in season 7 all the way to the finale. Eve is introduced as a high school friend of Amanda's.

How long does Bobby stay a ghost?

Telling Bobby that he will return his soul after Lucifer is defeated. It is later revealed that Bobby was given the standard ten years to live until his soul is dragged to Hell, due to a loophole of Crowley only having to put forth "best efforts" to return his soul.

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Can Jamie Luner sing?

The Herald Angels Sing," she has her own singing chops too. Though some actors enlist the help of a vocalist for their singing moments in films, Jamie did sing for her role in the Lifetime original. On her Instagram feed, ahead of The Christmas High Note premiere, Jamie asked her fans to send along questions.

Who is Jamie Michelle Eve is introduced

Who played Madison Riley in criminal minds?

Jamie Luner: Madison Riley