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Becoming a rogue assassin settling the score with her former mob employers, chaos and power struggles ensue. Rattlesnake Jake is one of the very few villains in children’s animated films to say the word “Hell”. It’s unknown why Jake has a gun as his tail, leaving unclear if he lost that part of his tail at some point, if someone put it on him or if his tail at all is complete and the gun is detachable. Despite being a secondary character of the film, Rattlesnake Jake is a fan favorite, and more dangerous than Tortoise John, though the Mayor was much more evil than Jake since he betrayed him and is a liar. During the final confrontation, the Mayor betrays Rattlesnake Jake by pointing Rango’s gun on him, declaring him no different from Rango and another relic of the Old West that will soon be destroyed and forgotten along with the rest of the town.

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He is, as his name implies, a dangerous Western diamondback rattlesnake who never leaves the town of Dirt without taking at least a single soul, according to Bad Bill. It later turns out that Rattlesnake Jake is secretly working with Tortoise John, Dirt’s mayor, who wants the citizens to move so he can build a new, modern city. Rattlesnake Jake is the secondary antagonist of Nickelodeon’s 23rd full-length animated feature film Rango. Celebrate the Summer of Pride with the latest shows and movies that have us laughing, crying, and embracing our best selves.

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However, unlike Angel Eyes, Rattlesnake Jake had a much more on the honorable side underneath his heinous acts, and upon being betrayed by the Mayor, he lets Rango free while setting his sights on the Mayor, intent on killing him as revenge for his betrayal. Also, it should be noted that Angel Eyes seems to work much more on an intelligence level than on a brute force level . For 2019 he signed to ride for the Spanish Aspar Team, in the 2019 Moto2 World Championship with team-mate Xavi Cardelús, aboard machinery using 765 cc Triumph controlled engines new to the series, and KTM chassis. He made his full debut as a Moto2 World Championship rider on board a KTM bike, but Jake Dixon’s full-time Moto2 bow, in Qatar of 2019, is not his first Moto2 Grand Prix appearance, having already appeared as a wildcard at Silverstone in 2017, a race he finished in 25th place. The original plan was that the Huntsman’s wish for the destruction of all magical creatures started to be granted before Rose could stop him, but when Disney axed the original two-part episode, this got dropped.

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Thankfully, this results in her Calling the Old Man Out moment toward Lao Shi, where she tears him a new one for being too harsh on his grandson. In the “Freaky Friday” Flip episode “Switcheroo”, Jake (in Haley’s body) breakdances at a dance audition to get Haley into a summer dance program in Paris. Said audition is a near shot-for-shot replication of the audition scene in Flashdance. At the end of a Season 1 episode, when the Nix had been defeated, Jake thinks all sucked spirits returned to their respective bodies but it is revealed that Trixie and Spud end up in each other’s bodies. It’s unclear how they return to their respective bodies, if they remember it or if they were the only ones to face a body swap back then.

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Who is really the siren trying to frame Danika for hurting Jake, which she lampshades as being easy since people always expect pretty girls to be evil. The series ended in Fall 2007 after a run of 52 episodes and a slew of Executive Meddling. Strangely enough, a similar premise of an urban Chinese-American teenager as The Chosen One protector of a hidden world of magic existed in the concurrently-running Cartoon Network show The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. I guess I have to disagree with the comment that this is in league with but a few female warriors, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.