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Taylor Kitsch for example, was 25 years old when he played 15-year-old Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights and Cole Sprouse is currently 27 years old, while playing 16-year-old Jughead Jones on Riverdale. Use the feedback button at the bottom right corner of any page to send us your thoughts. For memorials with more than one photo, additional photos will appear here or on the photos tab. A memorial can have a maximum of 20 photos from all contributors. Each contributor can upload a maximum of 5 photos for a memorial.

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Beginning on January 4, 2022, Roberts will take part in a podcast with Diamond Dallas Page and Conrad Thompson titled DDP Snakepit. In the spring of 1994, Roberts returned to the United States to wrestle for Smoky Mountain Wrestling . On May 2, he defeated Tony Anthony to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship; the title change aired on May 14. Roberts no-showed several defenses, forcing SMW to give the title back to Anthony on July 5.

It happened during a Boy Scout meeting when another boy took a pencil, threw it, and it jabbed his eyeball. Aside from Darren Barnet , most of the actor’s ages in Never Have I Ever are relatively comparable to that of their characters. Regardless of their ages, though, the entire cast has done a phenomenal job. How old is the cast of Never Have I Ever compared to their characters’ ages on the show?

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Roberts executed the DDT on Steamboat on the exposed concrete floor right in front of his wife Bonnie and then proceeded to rest his snake Damien on top of a prone Steamboat. While Vince McMahon and booker George Scott were adamant about wanting the DDT to take place on the floor, Roberts initially refused until Steamboat told him that he would be able to adequately protect himself from injury. Unfortunately, Steamboat was unable to stop his head from hitting the concrete and was rendered unconscious, sustaining a concussion. After Steamboat’s recovery, Steamboat introduced a “Komodo dragon” as his pet to combat the psychological effects of Roberts’ snake.

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Roberts debuted in the World Wrestling Federation on March 8, 1986, defeating Jose Luis Rivera at the Boston Garden. A month later, he made his pay-per-view debut, defeating George Wells at WrestleMania 2. During the match, Roberts made Wells foam from the mouth when he wrapped his snake Damien around Wells’ head. It was in Georgia Championship Wrestling during 1983 that Roberts became part of Paul Ellering’s stable, the Legion of Doom, and began a feud with Ron Garvin over the NWA World Television Championship that lasted into 1984. In 1984, Roberts entered World Class Championship Wrestling joining up with “Gentleman” Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez in their feud against the Von Erichs, winning the WCCW Television title and 6-Man Tag Team title . Davidson attended and played football for the Ohio State Buckeyes from 1986 to 1989.

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Roberts, livid at having lost to him and having received two of Savage’s flying elbow drops , was helped backstage. Enraged, he grabbed a steel chair and said that he was going to hit whoever came backstage first, whether it was Savage or Elizabeth. Just as Roberts was about to swing the chair, he was stopped by the Undertaker; Roberts was distracted long enough for Savage to hit him with the chair instead. That incident helped set up Roberts’ feud with the Undertaker.