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As Hook curses, Jake and his crew leave with another Pirate Piece. Some lava shoots out of Belch Mountain, destroying the propeller of Captain Hook’s Whirly-Hook sending both Hook and Smee plummeting onto the back of Tick-Tock the Crocodile who quickly chases the villainous duo away. In the show, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee steal the team treasure chest and Izzy joins the rest of the crew to take it back for good.

In January 2021, Delphine posted images of a staged-kidnapping fantasy shoot, which led to several Twitter users accusing her of promoting rape. Delphine defended her post, stating “there is nothing wrong with enjoying power-play and BDSM where both people are consensual.” She added “I think it’s been amazing and fun, but it’s time to move on to new things. I have a diary next to my bed full of crazy ideas. I’m not sure what will top this, but I’m looking forward to seeing what will come next”. Delphine’s popularity notably increased in the autumn of 2018. She “quickly rose to the top of the ‘For You’ page on TikTok”, after participating in the platform’s trends and challenges. Delphine’s image was subsequently spread around 4chan and Reddit, where users praised her “ironic approach to online thotting” as “genius” and “brilliant performance art”.

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Smee is just as kind to Izzy as he is to Jake and Cubby.While Hook tends to underestimate the sea pups,Smee has realize how clever the young pirate teams is and how they tend to outwit Hook time and time again. Izzy appears in the live musical show during the Jake and the Never Land Pirates segment. In the show, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee steal the team treasure chest and Izzy joins the rest of the crew to take it back. In the episode “The Treasure of Belch Mountain”,Jake and his crew were on the trail of the next Pirate Piece located inside the belly of Belch Mountain.


A large school of seahorses block the greedy Captain Hook path. Mr. Smee informs the captain that the seahorses are gentle creatures but are easily startled,giving Hook an idea to keep Izzy and the mermaids at bay spooking the sea creatures toward Izzy and the mermaids Hook could beat them to the treasure. But Hook didn’t count on Izzy’s quick wit like in the (episode “The Seahorse Roundup”) Izzy, Marina and Stormy began to sing a lullaby to calm the seahorses down so they could safely pass. Her association with an e-girl image has been covered in the media, with publications having cited her as influencing the e-girl aesthetic commonly found on TikTok. Kotaku and Business Insider have described Delphine as a “peak self-aware e-girl”, and as a figure that some may point to as “a symbol of the first wave of e-girl”, respectively.

She appears to be closer the latter, but not as dark as it shows her to be. Putting her almond-shaped eyes into account with her skin color, she may very likely have Native-American blood, which is further supported in her facial similarities with Tiger Lily. In the episode “Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn”, Jake and his crew set out to save Izzy’s new friend Cornica, a magical sea unicorn, after she is captured by Captain Hook. Izzy, alongside Princess Winger and the Pirate Princess, were the main focus of the episode “Princess Power!” In order to open the princess treasure, there needs to be three princesses. Izzy believes that with only practice you will achieve a goal showing that she’s a hardworking and strong-willed pirate. During her singing career, Bella has collaborated with artists like Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Black-Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, Dream, and Ty Dolla $ign.

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Izzy, alongside Princess Winger and the Pirate Princess, were the main focus of the episode “Princess Power!” In order to open the Princess Treasure, there needs to be three princesses. Winger and the Pirate Princess make Izzy a honorary princess as they went to get the treasure somewhere in Never Land, finally making Izzy’s princess dreams come true. Many episodes revolve around Izzy, with two of them having her host the show instead of Jake. In “The Pirate Princess”, she led the group on a rescue mission to save the Pirate Princess from the evil spell of a legendary Sea Witch. In “Treasure of the Tides”, Izzy was made an honorary mermaid by Marina, her sister Stormy, and the other mermaids in Never Land.

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In the episode “Pixie Dust Away”,It’s Pixie Dust Away Day, but Izzy loses all her pixie dust in the Never Sea. The Fairies tell them they can get more pixie dust from the Forever Fountain, so Jake and his mates set a course to get more. However, as the young pirate traverse through Never Land to the fountain Captain Hook and his crew overhear them on their quest.

The Decepticons gave chase, and Cade and Izzy were nearly caught by Barricade before being rescued by Grimlock. She then fled into a large building and witnessed Cogman, as well as Cade disabling the mother drone in an incredibly dangerous move. She returned to the junkyard under Crosshairs’ temporary leadership after Cogman took Cade and Bumblebee to England, the green Autobot remarking that he would not be reading her any bedtime stories. Izabella was orphaned when the Decepticons attacked Chicago. She stayed in the ruined city instead of finding a foster home and made two great friends in the form of Canopy and Sqweeks.

Mia promises to put Isabella first and says that the father was not involved. In a deleted scene, Mia and Jane make amends and Mia apolgizes for not believing Jane about Lucas. She hugs Mia and also promises to be a better aunt towards Isabella. In the episode Everything She Wants, Mia is tricked by Lucas when he says they’re having a quiet family night.