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  • When he later tells Mary about this meeting, she responds about her grandmother, “classic Granny.”
  • Only 5 studies used accuracy to measure the performance of machine learning models .
  • Half of the 4 studies (50.0%) obtained the highest per-study accuracy with SVM (Segovia et al., 2015; Wu et al., 2019) and the other half (50.0%) with neural networks .
  • In 3 studies, the highest accuracy was achieved by two types of machine learning models individually, namely regression or SVM (Ali et al., 2019a), neural network or SVM (Hariharan et al., 2014), and ensemble learning or SVM .

PD severely affects patients’ quality of life , social functions and family relationships, and places heavy economic burdens at individual and society levels (Johnson et al., 2013; Kowal et al., 2013; Yang and Chen, 2017). At VEDIC Think-Technology-Transform is the concept to create an Evidence Based Learning system including course plan using the TPACK framework model. This model emphasizes on Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge to be integrated as a part of teacher’s professional knowledge. The objective is to accelerate self learning among students through technology and evidence-based learning. The Vehicle Technology Laboratory is a centre of excellence in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. We provide engine working models and cut models to give practical exposure about the concepts of automobile systems like transmission, suspension, power- train, steering, and chassis design etc.


In these studies, the lowest accuracy was 70.5% (Liu L. et al., 2016) and the highest accuracy was 100.0% (Cigdem et al., 2019; Figure 4A). Out of the 36 studies, the per-study highest accuracy was obtained with SVM in 21 studies (58.3%), with neural network in 8 studies (22.2%), with discriminant analysis in 3 studies (8.3%), with regression in 2 studies (5.6%), and with ensemble learning in 1 study (2.8%). One study (2.8%) obtained the highest per-study accuracy using models that do not belong to any of the given categories . In 8 of 36 studies, neural networks were directly applied to MRI data, while the remaining studies used machine learning models to learn from extracted features, e.g., cortical thickness and volume of brain regions, to diagnose PD.

Who is Isie Baby

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Fifteen out of 16 studies used accuracy in model evaluation and the average accuracy was 87.0 (6.3) % . Among these studies, the lowest accuracy was 76.44% (Ali et al., 2019b) and the highest accuracy was 99.3% (Pereira et al., 2018; Figure 4A). The highest accuracy per-study was obtained with neural network in 6 studies (37.5%), with SVM in 5 studies (31.3%), with ensemble learning in 4 studies (25.0%), and with naïve Bayes in 1 study (6.3%; Figure 4B). In the present study, we have excluded research articles in languages other than English and results published in the form of conference abstracts, posters, and talks. Despite the ongoing discussion of advantages and importance of including conference abstracts in systematic reviews and reviews , conference abstracts often do not report sufficient key information which is why we had to exclude them. In addition, since the aim of the present review is to assess and summarize published studies on the detection and early diagnosis of PD, we noticed that few large-scale, multi-centric studies on subtyping or/and severity assessment of PD were therefore excluded.