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A 31% decrease in aortic lesions in Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits given 0.3% taurine in drinking water for 24 weeks has also been reported . Clinically, taurine treatment (3 g/day) has been demonstrated to improve lipid metabolism and reduce body weight in overweight subjects, as well as reduce TG levels and the atherogenic index . In another clinical study , taurine supplementation (6 g/day) in healthy young men consuming a high-fat diet significantly reduced serum total cholesterol and LDL levels.

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The majority of symptomatic patients with CHF are mal-nourished, and have a relative deficiency of taurine . Restoring adequate cardiomyocyte nutrition, including the level of taurine, would seem to be essential to any therapeutic strategy designed to benefit patients with CHF . It is well known that CHF is characterized by defects in Ca2+ homeostasis, and because taurine can influence [Ca2+]i, its supplementation could benefit patients with CHF. Indeed, parenteral administration of taurine (200 mg/day for seven days) has been reported to partially protect against myocardial cell necrosis induced by a toxic dose of isoprenaline in chick hearts . Taurine was attributed to the prevention of intracellular Ca2+ overload. Jeejeebhoy et al reported that taurine can lower left ventricular end-diastolic pressure in patients with heart failure.

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Takahashi K, Azuma M, Taira K, et al. Effect of taurine on angiotensin II-induced hypertrophy of neonatal rat cardiac cells. Dietary taurine supplementation ameliorates diabetic retinopathy via anti-excitotoxicity of glutamate in streptozotocin-induced Sprague-Dawley rats. An injection of taurine in the anterior hypothalamus area has been reported to decrease BP; this taurine effect seems to be mediated by β-adrenoceptors . Thus, the antihypertensive effect of taurine may be partially attributed to its effect on the central nervous system .

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Marcinkiewicz J, Kurnyta M, Biedron R, Bobek M, Kontny E, Maslinski W. Anti-inflammatory effects of taurine derivatives are mediated by different mechanisms. Tick if you’re happy to hear about other related products and services. We will never share your email address. Devon has a fantastically rich history too. Impressive Buckland Abbey has superb grounds to wander through, Castle Drogo was the last castle to be built in England, and Powderham Castle hosts a variety of events throughout the year. And don’t miss a trip to Greenway, Agatha Christie’s family holiday home.

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There’s more to Devon than cider, pasties and clotted cream though – you’ll find everything from chilli farms and micro-brewers to coffee roasters and blueberry farms. Two highlights are Sharpham Vineyard which offers tours of their vineyards and wine and cheese making processes, and a tour of the world famous Plymouth Gin Distillery. And then there’s Plymouth – a vibrant city by the sea which has enjoyed some serious regeneration in recent years. There is an interesting nautical history to explore, a good arts scene and some stunning views on offer, particularly from the Hoe across Plymouth Sound. It’s not all sleepy villages though, you’ll find fun aplenty too. For family breaks with more oomph, head to one of the holiday parks clustered aroundIlfracombeandCombe Martinon the north coast, orPaigntonandBrixhamon the south coast.