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OnlyFans Star Referred To Sex Encounter With Stephen Cloobeck As Consensual, Texts Reveal

In the most explosive claims, Cloobeck alleges that Gurzanski secretly used his private jets and mansions as backdrops for her nude OnlyFans shoots — including while his teenage daughter was in the house. The couple spent time together nearly every day from the time they met in late July until mid-December, when Gurzanski decided to spend the New Year’s holiday with her friends instead of with him, according to a court declaration she filed in January. Celebrating his birthday in October three months into their romance, the model brought him a cookie iced with an edible photo of herself in a black bikini, accompanied by a card. But what he’s most proud to talk about are his political connections and his philanthropy. He says he’s played golf with both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

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“She created a porno set,” he tells me, “and I had no idea. She’s wearing it so she can do these fucking porno shoots, and I’m blinded. And I’m like, ‘So you’re using my money to make money on OnlyFans? (He threw her a party to celebrate the Elle cover.) Barens, Gurzanski’s lawyer, says his client never paid to be on the cover of any magazine.

The lawsuit alleges that Gurzanski, 26, was unclad while Cloobeck’s teenage daughter and staff were in the house. Cloobeck and Gurzanski were allegedly introduced in the summer of 2020, and soon after the meeting, he split with his wife of 22 years. In January, after Cloobeck initially filed his lawsuit, a judge granted Gurzanski a temporary restraining order against Cloobeck, ordering him to stay 100 yards away from her. His relationship with the model unraveled in December 2020 after he discovered her true modeling pursuits, he says.

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Stephen J. Cloobeck was born on the 6th April 1961 in the USA, and is a business person and owner of several large corporations, probably best known as a founder and CEO of Diamond Resorts Holdings Inc., based in Las Vegas. Cloobeck is also a donor to the Democratic Party, and a philanthropist. He has earned most of his fortune thanks to his investments in hotels, motels, and cruise lines. Diamond Resorts Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cloobeck has discovered his Sunday night appearance on CBS’s “Undercover Boss” also came with some unwanted attention.

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The messages threaten to throw a wrench in Gurzanski’s legal action against her ex by appearing to contradict her legal claims. Currently based in USA, Gurzanski shot to the limelight in the recent past over her legal battle with Stephen Cloobeck. The 25-year-old is believed to have a net worth of around $3-4 million, a substantial part of which has been amassed through her OnlyFans account. Stephen J. Cloobeck was also the Chairman of the Board for the Nevada Cancer Institute from 2003 to 2010, and US Corporation for Travel Promotion. As a philanthropist, he established the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness and donated the vast amount of money to his former university the Brandeis University International Business School in 2012.

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‘I felt Stephen and I had chemistry and I grew interested in spending more time with him,’ she wrote. ‘At the end of the night, Stephen invited me to go out with him the next day. Le asked if she was happy and the model said ‘I mean if he’s going to spoil me then ya. But obviously I had let him have a taste of how it could be with me so now he definitely needs to take care of me but I obviously took that chance. Gurzanski was left confused and disoriented in Cloobeck’s wake and to understand and rationalize what had just been done to her by the self-proclaimed man of almost limitless wealth and political power. Cloobeck sued Gurzanski in January, claiming she is a ‘con artist’ who bilked him for $1.3million in gifts over their roughly six-month relationship.