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Such a view of the world has the advantage of flattering the small group of people at the top that they’re the ones who matter. It sanctifies the status quo as the natural end point of all historical developments, and it safely locates the driving forces of history in the lofty realm of ideas, philosophy, religion and morality. The reason the class started with 1215 in England was that the Magna Carta bears a passing resemblance to the ideas of democracy as they exist under capitalism today. It put limits on the absolute authority of England’s monarch, and it established the political power of the aristocracy, eventually enshrined in the House of Lords, which is at least a little bit like Congress or a parliament. The reason it’s so important for Marxists to remember that this is Marx’s view of human nature is that, otherwise, his theory of alienation is rather untenable.

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If there is no static sense of self, or this ahistorical element to mankind, than the final moment of alienation is essentially nonsensical.

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But unleashing these new techniques couldn’t work–or worked very badly–in the context of the old form of exploitation and the “legal and political superstructure” that had developed out of it. Societies built around growing and raising food, rather than gathering and hunting it, had to be stable, not nomadic. Instead of a need to limit births, there was a need for more children, since each would eventually contribute their labor. This led to a new distinction in society–women, who had equal standing in hunter-gatherer bands, were burdened with the responsibilities of greater child-rearing and consigned to a subordinate status.

Marx died on the afternoon of 14 March 1883 from a combination of bronchitis and pleurisy, exacerbated by an abscess on his lung. He was buried on the following Saturday, at Highgate Cemetery, in the grave prepared for his wife who had died eighteen months previously. The distinction is important because the conditions of work and life under capitalism don’t push workers only toward “combinations” and “permanent associations,” as Marx and Engels wrote in the Manifesto–that is, toward unity and solidarity.

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For millennia, the ideology of the ruling class came in the form of religion, which taught–to take a lyric from an old Christian hymn–“Rich man in his castle / Poor man at his gate / God gave each his station / And ordered their estate.” Why is it that the old order doesn’t just fade away when it has outlived its usefulness to society? Because the ruling class controls not only the way production takes place, but all the other institutions and relationships in society, whose structure helps the exploiters maintain their power. In the early stages, the “relations of production” contribute to advances for society–they make it easier to produce more and to develop new and better techniques of production. Eventually, the possibility of developing still more efficient methods of producing are blocked–because putting them into effect requires new ways of organizing society, and the old forms of exploitation have become an obstacle. I was being taught history as the story of a few Great Men and their Great Ideas.

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