Inside The Rise And Fall Of YouTube Star Nikocado Avocado

In late 2019, Nikocado faced controversy with a number of YouTubers, primarily Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi for abusive behavior during several collaboration videos. At the beginning of the video, the couple appeared to be in the middle of an argument. Home was standing behind the camera and yelling, “You literally ruined my life, you ruined my body, you made me a miserable, sad, depressed person because you’re so mean. You’re so controlling.” Perry also mentioned that he has now reached 320 pounds and that it’s “nothing to be laughing about anymore.” He continued to say that he needs to work on his relationship off-camera.

During the videos, the two usually put each other down with harmful words, calling each other “fat” or hitting one another. The YouTube star continued to post about his tumultuous relationship with his husband, Orlin. One Ohio-based viewer even created a petition titled “Remove Nikocado Avocado From YouTube” that received thousands of signatures. “I watched this in bed today,” Perry said through tears, “and I broke down. That was supposed to be me.” “All of your comments over the last month are seeping into his head and he is questioning us as a couple,” he said. Zach Choi, who joined Perry and Soo for the collaboration video, said in an Instagram story that he had hired legal representation to address the claims Perry made on social media.

Although on TikTok, he responded by saying he’s surprised that people believed in him. On April 4, Perry posted a mukbang video titled, “I might have cancer,” in which he talked about feeling pain in his testicular area. Perry became one of the first American men to partake in the extreme-eating trend, as mukbang videos at the time were dominated by women. Since 2016, Perry’s consumption of entire fast-food menus has captured the rapt attention of a YouTube audience. He is known as a mukbanger, someone who posts videos of themselves eating or binging large amounts of food online. Nikocado Avocado has also more recently made videos on his weight gain with the goal of reaching 300 pounds.

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They brought their viewers along the way and then made a mukbang video of them eating wedding cake. In a shocking video revelation in late 2016, he vlogged about his denouncement of veganism claiming that it leads to mental health concerns. He continued his eating channel by eating large quantities of non-vegan items from the meat and dairy families. Over the past years, Perry and Orlin have made posted multiple videos saying they’ve broken up, but have continued filming content together. Around that same time, a video was uploaded of Nikocado explaining that his videos and controversies were a social experiment in order to observe people’s toxic and impulsive behavior online. Many fans thought that he was breaking character and was admitting that he was faking his behavior.

Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

The videos have received millions of views and the comments sections are flooded with support for Soo and disdain for Perry. Perry was interviewed by Keemstar on September 22, 2020, along with LeafyIsHere mainly discussing the future of his personal health. He kept on insisting Keemstar that he is smart enough to overcome his obesity problem and saying that he has a treadmill and is doing light exercise, claiming it to be the fastest way to burn fat. His husband, Orlin, spoke about the controversy, prompting YouTube and the comment section a cause for the decline of his mental health, and the questioning of their relationship.

But over the course of a couple of weeks, he has since recovered from being bed ridden. Despite this insistence that his ribs were broken, there have been many inconsistencies throughout his videos. Such as excruciating pain after only moving a little bit in one video, but sometimes being able to move just fine in another one. After a couple of videos, he appears to have dropped the act or forgotten it, and is now walking around normally. Several fans and other physically disabled people have also voiced their offense and disgust at him since he claimed to be “disabled”.

Many people interpreted this as a move to attract more attention and benefit from drama. Four days after Perry posted the collaboration, Soo posted a video titled “Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado,” in which she described feeling unsafe with Perry in the past and while filming the collaboration. Soo also accused Perry of sending her harassing texts and taking photos from inside her home when she briefly left the room. Within hours, the video received hundreds of thousands of views and has since reached over 14.5 million views. He became infamous on YouTube and in the mukbang community for his bombastic personality and drastic weight gain. In one day, the video received over 60,000 views and thousands of comments from viewers — several of which compared him to fellow mukbanger Trisha Paytas and speculated about his mental health.

Perry insisted that White’s concern about his health was unfounded and that he is an “extra healthy” person because he regularly takes vitamins. In September 2021, Perry posted a video titled “I went to the Hospital. I’m scared” where he claimed that he is in extreme pain on his side. In a follow-up video, “My diagnosis has arrived,” he said that he had broken three ribs on his left side and that he was taking steroids and other medications. The actual wedding day took place at a courthouse in 2017 and the couple later indulged in a meal at Chick-Fil-A.

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Though he might not show it on camera, he cares for Orlin, having meltdowns whenever he was thought to have left him, or go out of his way to find him in the form of clues. He mostly tries to make him angry by flirting with other men, sometimes in front of Orlin, to having affairs which he is called out for. He’ll sometimes come off as irrational or egotistical towards him sometimes, which often results in Orlin mocking Nick for his childishness and ridiculous remarks. He usually start fights and quarrels on camera or with Orlin during their mukbangs, although when he collaborates with someone else, he will act calm.
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Perry said he paid another visit to the hospital in April 2022, sparking fresh concerns about his health. Perry took to Instagram to announce his departure from YouTube to focus on his health and his relationship with Home. “Y’all I feel like a third wheel in this toxic relationship,” one commenter said. “I can’t tell if you’re pulling a Trisha Paytas or this is a genuine psychosis-like episode,” one commenter wrote. “God talked to me in a dream. I saw Jesus and he told me the secrets of the world. God Bless everyone,” Perry captioned the video.

They have uploaded videos with titles like “Breaking Up with Orlin ,” “Catching Orlin with Another Man,” and “Our Final Video Together.” In a January 2020 video titled “We Broke Up,” a visibly-distraught Perry blamed the negative comments and YouTube drama for the demise of his relationship with his husband. Amid the deluge of YouTube comments and Reddit speculation about the feud, mukbangers weighed in the controversy. Perry frequently posts videos with thumbnail images of himself sobbing into trays of food. Some titles include “nobody likes me, i’m done” and “my life is falling apart.” In early 2019 and into 2020, things have been on the downward trend for him for many reasons.

“You are such a horrible, toxic person. You deserve none of the success you’ve had,” one commenter wrote on Perry’s page. Soo’s allegations against Perry inspired a series of increasingly lengthy back-and-forth videos between the two, who produced text messages and video footage to refute each other’s claims. He went on to acknowledge in the podcast that his emotionally turbulent videos generate the highest number of views. “I was in and out of therapy since I was, like, five,” Perry told his fellow mukbanger in a 2019 interview for Paytas’ podcast The Dish With Trish.

“You should not be allowed to have a platform to promote hate speech and lies,” one commenter wrote. Perry’s YouTube drama escalated in December 2019 when another mukbanger accused him of abusive behavior. According to a video Perry posted in 2016, the pair first met in a Facebook group for vegan men. Perry and Home’s seemingly tumultuous relationship continues to feature in his videos. Perry told Insider in an email that he broke his ribs after having months of “excessive, forceful coughing.” Concerns over Perry’s health continued to grow after he published a video of himself shopping at Walmart using a scooter.

Meg’s heightis Not Available tall and she looks tall when standing with her friends. Though she is a little tall as compared to her friends still she manages to maintain her weight. Real NameMeg ElisonNicknameMegProfessionWriterIt may be possible she has some more nicknames and if you know, make sure you mention them in the comment box. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. This page uses Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported-licensed content from Wikipedia.

Amid The Deluge Of YouTube Comments And Reddit Speculation About The Feud, Mukbangers Weighed In The Controversy

Nikocado signed up for YouTube on May 27, 2014, however his oldest surviving videos were uploaded in 2016. His early eating videos were him eating a vegan or vegetarian menu as his personal diet. On September 2, 2016, he uploaded a video discussing his deteriorating mental health believing that it was significantly caused by veganism, along with the retirement of Henya Mania’s YouTube career. Afterward, he shifted to a more open diet, which would eventually consist of absurd amounts of unhealthy foods, which has received positive feedback. The next day, Perry responded to White in a video on his second channel, saying he had received “tens of thousands” of hateful remarks about his weight and lifestyle as a result of White’s video.

Meg Elison was born in the Mount San Jacinto College; UC Berkeley in 1982. He signed up for YouTube in May 2014; but did not launch any videos until February 2016. In October 2016, he changed the theme of his channel to Mukbang Eating Shows.” Perry replied, “You may as well sit down, this is great content,” before turning the camera towards Home, who appeared to be crying.

Penguinz0 uploaded a video in which he expressed concern for Nikocado’s health and eating practices. The same day, Nikocado responded and interpreted the video as an attack on him and his fanbase. He also expressed concern over insulting comments that some of penguinz0’s fans had left, and claimed that a majority penguiz0’s viewers were maliciously attacking his channel with dislikes and hate. The following day, penguinz0 made a response video in which he stated that he wasn’t intending to insult Nikocado and apologized for any hateful comments his fans may have left. Following that day, penguinz0 did not upload any follow up videos about ordeal, whilst Nikocado made multiple consecutive videos about the situation throughout the following week.

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Perry’s YouTube Drama Escalated In December 2019 When Another Mukbanger Accused Him Of Abusive Behavior

Years later, Perry opened up to Trisha Paytas about the effect he believes veganism had on his health. On Paytas’ podcast, the vlogger opened up about his pre-YouTube career working as a freelance violinist. Living in New York at age 21, Perry had dreams of playing in the pit orchestra for a Broadway show. He has been involved in numerous controversies and feuds over his eight years as an influencer. Nikocado Avocado has established himself as a controversial YouTube personality. We have no more Information about Meg Father; we will try to collect information and update soon.

Another controversy sparked up after he supposedly broke his ribs on September 18, 2021. He later went to the hospital and doctors found he broke three of his ribs and his trachea was bent. He had to be bed ridden and was diagnosed with sleep apnea which is why he wears a breathing machine.

Perry publicly feuded with YouTuber Charles White Jr over comments about his health. Another video in which Perry called himself “Jesus” had viewers concerned again. As Perry received more public attention in early 2020, he decided to capitalize on the fame by creating an OnlyFans account.

Before he was known for videos of consuming entire fast-food menus, the YouTuber frequently filmed videos about his vegan lifestyle. Perry has continued to post wild videos and stunts, building a large platform around his controversies. Many people found it hard to take him seriously as he has claimed to have serious medical ailments in the past as a form of clickbait, and believe that him claiming to have Cancer crosses the line. Not helping is his description and euphemisms, which just sounds like his testicles were aching from pleasuring himself too much.

In the clip, the three vloggers joked with each other while consuming a massive quantity of spicy noodles. The vlogger told YouTuber Trisha Paytas that he learned of his adoption early on and struggled to make sense of his biological parents’ decision. As a result, he said he acted out and received mental health interventions as a child.

After the video was posted, viewers called for Perry’s removal from the platform. Mukbang videos, first popularized in South Korea in 2010, usually consist of a host eating a large amount of food while communicating with an audience. The word mukbang is a combination of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast.” Perry posted a video in 2016 explaining why he no longer wanted to be a vegan YouTuber, citing his changing beliefs about consuming animal products and his frustration with the “vegan community.”

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This also prompted many confusing videos from Nikocado where he would tell his fanbase that he and Orlin were down and that he would be leaving YouTube. Towards the end of the video, Perry said the doctors were not able to give him conclusive answers about what was causing the pain, and decided they needed to run more tests. Perry has not shared further updates about his health since this video was posted and did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. In a video posted to Perry’s channel in December 2019, the YouTuber collaborated with mukbangers Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi.