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List Of Recurring Saturday Night Live Characters And Sketches

Frank OzPuppet sketch starring Jim Henson’s Muppets, King Ploobis , Queen Peuta , Scred , Vazh , Wisss , and the Mighty Favog . Lorne Michaels described the characters as the type of Muppets that can stay up late.Land SharkNovember 8, 1975Chevy ChaseChevy Chase plays a shark attempting to lure his way into a victim’s home.SherryNovember 15, 1975Laraine NewmanLaraine Newman plays Sherry, a stereotypical naive valley girl. Newman reprised the role in the 40th anniversary special as part of The Californians sketch in 2015, in which she played Karina’s mother who, like Sherry, also spoke valley girl-esque.Minute Mystery with Mike MendozaNovember 15, 1975Dan AykroydDan Aykroyd is a crime scene photographer who gives the audience a list of clues and 60 seconds to solve a mystery.Looks at BooksNovember 15, 1975Jane CurtinA talk show sketch hosted by Jane Curtin interviewing profound authors.Emily LitellaDecember 13, 1975Gilda RadnerEmily Litella was an elderly woman with a hearing problem who frequently ranted about topics about which she had misread or misheard, such as “Violins on Television,” “Canker Research,” “Endangered Feces,” or “Presidential Erections” . Her catchphrase was “Never mind!”, said after she was informed of her mistake.Saturday Night Live SamuraiDecember 13, 1975John BelushiJohn Belushi plays a samurai warrior, who speaks only Japanese, and wields a katana. He is seen in various occupations ranging from a hotel desk clerk to a tailor.Mel’s Char PalaceDecember 20, 1975Dan AykroydA steakhouse commercial parody featuring Dan Aykroyd. At Mel’s, customers are given a chainsaw and are invited to hunt, stun, cut and cook their own cow.Steve BushakisJanuary 24, 1976John BelushiA John Belushi character who hails from Chicago, named after Belushi’s childhood friend.H & L BrockJanuary 31, 1976John BelushiAs Lowell Brock, John Belushi gives reasons why he should do your taxes., “He’ll take the time . . because he has the time . . because he’s doing time.”Mr.

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Who is Edith Puthie AykroydA steakhouse commercial parody

The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live sketches, organized by the season and date in which the sketch first appeared. For an alphabetical list, see Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches .

List Of Recurring Saturday Night Live Characters And Sketches

Mr. Bill got its start when Walter Williams sent SNL a Super-8 reel featuring the character in response to the show’s request for home movies during the first season. Mr. Bill’s first appearance occurred on the February 28, 1976 episode. Williams became a full-time writer for the show in 1978, writing more than 20 sketches based on Mr. Bill. Each Mr. Bill episode started innocently, but quickly turned dangerous for Mr. Bill. Along with his dog, Spot, he suffered various indignities inflicted by “Mr. Hands,” a man seen only as a pair of hands . The character’s popularity spawned the 1986 live-action movie Mr. Bill’s Real Life Adventures.TomorrowApril 17, 1976Dan AykroydA parody of The Tomorrow Show, starring Dan Aykroyd as Tom Snyder.Baba WawaApril 24, 1976Gilda RadnerGilda Radner impersonates journalist Barbara Walters.Colleen FernmanApril 24, 1976Gilda RadnerAppearing in seven sketches over five seasons, Colleen is usually non-talkative, and appears to be spaced out or in a vegetative state, and it is established in a February 24, 1979 sketch about psychiatrists that she is autistic.Bobbi FarberJuly 31, 1976Gilda RadnerMiddle-class Jewish-American with a nasal voice, who appeared in eight sketches in various settings over five seasons.

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