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She based other characters, such as Gilbert Blythe, in part on people she knew. She said she wrote the novel in the twilight of the day, while sitting at her window and overlooking the fields of Cavendish. Cristina Genebat as Anna, Oliver’s mother. She still has not gotten over the death of her other son, Edgar. She is obsessed with Edgar and has a bad relationship with Oliver.

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It is a modern adaptation of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of the Island, with many of its elements changed to better suit 21st-century culture. Mandy Harmon portrays the main character, Anne Shirley. Anne de Green Gables , a French-Canadian television film directed by Jacques Gauthier, starring Mireille Lachance as Anne Shirley.

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This strict, disciplinarian, 60-year-old professor is determined to impose her standards and will clash with the entire staff. Meanwhile, Merlí teaches in ways even more unorthodox than during the first season. He even takes the class outside of school. Any setting, even the mall, can help him explain the Cynic philosophers, the Stoics, Descartes, Hobbes or the Presocratics. New philosophers are featured this season, such as Hipparchia of Maroneia.