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Authorities became suspicous of Downs almost immediately, describing how she was strangely calm when she arrived at the hospital. By 1983 Downs was having an affair with Robert Knickerbocker, a married man whom she was “obsessively” in love with, according to Murderpedia. Ruah stated that she grew up in an environment that was both Sephardic and Ashkenazi; her father is of Portuguese-Jewish ancestry, and her mother’s Jewish roots are in Russia, Ukraine and Portugal. In June 1997, the Princess attended receptions in London and New York as previews of the sale of a number of dresses and suits worn by her on official engagements, with the proceeds going to charity. After her marriage, The Princess of Wales quickly became involved in the official duties of the Royal Family.

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Despite having two kids with Betty, Don cheated on her numerous times as his advertising career took off. In Mad Men season 3, Betty, who long suspected Don’s infidelities, learned his secret that he’s really Dick Whitman. Betty divorced Don, who then married his secretary, Megan Calvet between Mad Men seasons 4 and 5. However, Don couldn’t stay faithful to Megan, and he began cheating on her before she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Growing up in the academy she was exposed to a blend of Asian & European weaponry and Martial Arts all grounded in the art & philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

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Diana wore a taffeta wedding dress made with silk and antique lace and 10,000 pearls, created by husband-and-wife design team David and Elizabeth Emanuel. She donned an 18th-century Spencer family tiara with a 25-foot veil. Her ensemble barely fit in the carriage, and it took Diana 3 and a half minutes to walk down the aisle.

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  • After her marriage, The Princess of Wales quickly became involved in the official duties of the Royal Family.
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Diana Lee Inosanto is the daughter of martial arts legend, Dan and his wife Sue Inosanto. She is also known as the goddaughter of global icon, the late Bruce Lee . As an American actress, director, writer, martial artist, stuntwoman, and children’s book author, Diana paved a way in the Hollywood ecosystem that is unique, modern, and inclusive.

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Driving home from New Mexico in 1952, Bill stopped for lunch in Denver. A boxing match flickered on a small black and white screen behind the bar. It was Bill’s first encounter with television, and he was captivated. He learned many small towns — including Casper — did not have access to TV. As a result, Bill started building Casper’s first cable system, which launched January 1, 1954.