Why did Corinna and Logan break up?

Corinna Kopf lashes out at Logan Paul for implying she sleeps around with YouTubers. Instagram model Corinna Kopf may have officially ended her fling with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, after Paul made some damning claims about her during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

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How did Corinna Kopf make 4 million?

YouTuber and Instagram influencer Corinna Kopf, who earlier this year faced backlash for expressing vaccine anxiety, recently made a bombshell reveal. She said that she earned more than $4 million in just a month thanks to her OnlyFans account. In David Dobrik’s latest vlog titled, ‘SHE MADE $4,000,000 IN ONE MONTH!!

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What kind of dog does Corinna Kopf have?

Corinna Kopf

In October 2018, she adopted her beloved pooch Carl, a terrier-maltese mix, from a rescue. In a video titled “I ADOPTED A DOG,” Corinna described her furry friend as an incredible companion. “He’s literally the perfect dog…

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Who has Corinna Kopf slept with?

Corinna Kopf spoke about hooking up with YouTuber David Dobrik, who is now famous for filming a YouTube video while his friend was responsible for sexual misconduct in Dobrik’s apartment. Corinna Kopf spoke about David Dobrik, revealing: “We’ve never had s*x. The internet knows we kissed one time at his apartment.

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Did Jeff leave the Vlog Squad?

Jeff Wittek gained a huge social media following when he started appearing in David Dobrik’s vlogs in 2018, but over the past few days, he has publicly cut ties with the YouTube star. Dobrik, who has 18 million YouTube subscribers, rose to fame by posting videos with his group of friends, known as the Vlog Squad.

Who is Corrina Kof some damning claims