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Muhammad Ali

Collins himself had been previously fired by two separate police departments before working at Carver, and had once been put on probation for an entire year by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Imagine you’re driving to work one morning, or you’re at home making breakfast, and you turn on the radio for some background noise. Suddenly, you hear a man call in and calmly explain to the host over the course of several minutes that he is an un-apprehended serial killer. Except this time, no police trace reveals the caller to be a hoaxer in a mental institution. In fact, you never hear about this incident again until nearly a quarter century later, when the internet digs up an old recording of the broadcast.

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It took nearly four months for the results to come back, and when they did, detectives were disappointed to learn that the results were inconclusive. In another blow to Gant’s credibility, the serial murders of female prostitutes in the Treme and Algiers came to an abrupt stop in the wake of his questioning by police. A few more bodies were found, but these victims were all determined to have been killed years prior to their discovery.

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Muhammad Ali

At some point prior to 2016, Gant found employment as an officer with the Carver College Police Department in Atlanta. Clay was given a ticker-tape parade, among many other honors, upon his return to the United States on May 19, 1949. Clay also received an honorary doctorate of the Freie Universität Berlin and became an honorary citizen of Berlin in 1953. One of the longest streets in West Berlin was named Clayallee in his honor, as was the Clay Headquarters Compound, which was located on the street. It held the headquarters of the Berlin Brigade, U.S. Army Berlin , and the U.S. Marietta, Georgia, named one of its major streets Clay Road, and South Cobb High School’s football stadium is named “Clay Stadium” in honor of his work in creating what is now Dobbins Air Force Base there.

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Shortly after 2 AM on the morning of October 22, 1969, a man claiming to be the Zodiac Killer called the Oakland, California Police Department, demanding to speak with famed attorney F. The caller told the operator that he wanted Bailey to appear on a local television talk show so that he could call in and chat with Bailey. Before hanging up, the self-professed “Zodiac” said he would settle for Melvin Belli if Bailey could not be reached.