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Now State Representative Jasmine Crockett is preparing to hit the ground running in the upcoming legislative session. Economic recovery; that includes all, fair district maps, expanding healthcare and access to the ballot box, lowering property taxes, and reforming the criminal justice and policing systems are her top priorities. Texas’ current incarceration rate is 80% higher than New York’s , yet Texas’ crime rate is 30% higher than New York’s .

Ntentionally focus on preparing students to become independent, productive, responsible lifelong learners by meeting the academic, cultural, and social needs of the students. We are “film-makers.” We videotape how tiny machineries of materials and living cells move, interact, assemble and transform in a fluid medium to perform their functions. Sometimes atomic resolutions are involved to track the paths of ions and atoms in charge conduction or chemical reactions. We also utilize deep learning-based analysis to extract the underlying physical rules encoding such dynamics.

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Now, it just seems that we can’t agree over the basic things, such as data and science. Seemingly, facts have become a partisan fight which is now permeating every facet of our lives. We are partially still being plagued with this virus because to listen to science has become a democratic attribute, when we used to lead the world in science and research and we used to ALL rely upon it. Honestly, finding the strength to keep going in politics.

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South Bay and Peninsula election results: Runoffs likely for supervisor races, San Mateo County sheriff challenger holds lead – The Mercury News

South Bay and Peninsula election results: Runoffs likely for supervisor races, San Mateo County sheriff challenger holds lead.

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As a civil rights & criminal defense attorney, I am absolutely passionate about the inequities that I see, in general, and am deeply concerned about the constitutional rights of people that are seemingly being stripped away. Specifically, I am passionate about the criminal justice system, education, housing, jobs, healthcare, voting rights, reproductive rights, and climate injustices. These are all areas that I have worked to propound policy change, but in the absence of policy, I have specifically attempted to stand in the gap for my community. By that I mean, while the legislature refused to expand upon medicaid in Texas, our office partnered with local organizations to provide a mammogram clinic for those with or without insurance.

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The following candidates ran in the Democratic primary for Texas House of Representatives District 100 on March 3, 2020. Crockett completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022. Jasmine Crockett is a member of the Texas House of Representatives, representing District 100.