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Though Chloe’s relationship with Nadine Ross is initially undermined by mutual antagonism, as the events of The Lost Legacy unfold, they gradually learn to respect one another, and later regard each other with genuine amiability and fondness. They contrast one another in terms of brute force and finesse, shown aptly early on when Nadine breaks a window to manually turn a lock when Chloe takes too long picking it. Despite their differences and the roadblocks that shift their perspectives of one another, they still become close. Chloe explicitly says she trusts Nadine; a rarity among treasure hunters. Chloe‘s relationship with Nathan Drake was rocky, as he describes it as “complicated” and he walked out on her for unknown reasons.

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Chloe then revealed to Clark that she was moving to Star City as the newest hire for the Star City Register, and she left town with her new husband, Oliver. Because of the time Chloe spent together with Oliver, the two started to develop an attraction towards each other and decided to try out a relationship “without strings” that ultimately led to real feelings in both. Chloe eventually decided that she wanted to be plugged again into the real world and realized that her time as Watchtower was only a facet to escape her loneliness.

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In this capacity, she acquires a rival in Tess’s computer expert Stuart Campbell ; her status as superhero information broker also makes her a target for Checkmate bosses Amanda Waller and Maxwell Lord . In the season ten première, when Oliver is kidnapped by Suicide Squad leader Rick Flag , Chloe risks her own sanity by putting on the helmet of Doctor Fate to learn his location. With the information acquired from Fate’s helmet, she organizes a switch for Oliver; in Flag’s captivity, Chloe fakes suicide and goes off-the-grid.