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When Avelino died in 1934, de Luna took over the direction of the institution and would continue in that post until her own death. After the liberation of the Philippines in World War II, the university became co-educational in 1945, making de Luna the only woman in the country to head a university which taught female and male students. NationalityFilipinaOccupationteacher, school founderYears active1907–1962Carmen de Luna Villajuan (16 July 1873 – 4 November 1962) was a Filipina educator and co-founded the Centro Escolar University.

A historical marker in recognition of her was placed at the Centro Escolar University by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. You can’t talk to me about pain until you’ve seen the light go out in the eyes of someone you love. However, Odessa had cancer and the two became friends and she started a relationship with Sam, who quits as he doesn’t have any ambition.

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Marisol then proceeds to wake up, having dreamed the entire wedding and kidnapping, and goes on to marry Peter for real. As for Carmen‘s reality, she’s finally put on the path to stardom and becomes aware of the fact that Lucas – her one true love – is alive. She can also be a sensual woman, which is shown when she slept with her former record manager, Benny Sutto, after he pawed her and she slept with a record producer’s husband, Sebastian after him granting her a record deal. When he breaks up with his boyfriend, the latter becomes a Villain turned to the Dark Side as he reveals about Alejandro’s homosexuality. To fix the problem, Alejandro’s lawyers get Carmen to pretend to be his wife so that the press can think that Alejandro is straight. Carmen can be called being one of the most devious of the maids, reason being is that she is an opportunistic, sensual and cunning young woman who has always wanted to be a singer.

In episodes pertaining to her friend’s problems, she is often the first one to lend a helping hand. Her mother is the conductor for the traveling circus, which serves as her inspiration to become a successful musician. Wherever she travels, she always carries her trusty guitar, which has occasionally been used on her adventures. Carmen de Luna Villajuan was born on 16 July 1873 in San Miguel, Manila, in the Philippine Islands, which at the time was part of the Spanish Empire, to Ignacia Villajuan and Sebastian de Luna. She attended a Catholic boarding school operated by Anacleta Abrera in Binondo, earning her elementary teaching certificate in 1890. To continue her education, de Luna enrolled in the course offered by the sisters of the Assumption Convent, where she met fellow student Librada Avelino, who would become her collaborator and companion for the rest of her life.

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In 1896, de Luna’s friend Librada Avelino was loaned a property in Santa Cruz in which to open a school. As the school grew, it moved from Fernandez Street to San Sebastian Street and de Luna, and Avelino’s cousin Margarita “Garit” Oliva joined Avelino, as teachers in the school. At the end of the Philippine Revolution, the school closed because the new United States authorities changed the educational curricula throughout the country requiring that courses be taught in English. In 1901, the two friends traveled to Hong Kong to improve their English and after a 6 month stay, returned to the Philippines.

After completing her own education to train as a teacher, de Luna taught at the private school run by Librada Avelino in Manila and the Pandacan Public Girls’ School. In 1907, the two women, along with Fernando Salas founded the Centro Escolar de Señoritas, as a non-sectarian educational facility for girls. Acting as assistant director from 1907 to 1934, she assumed the directorship upon Avelido’s death and led the university until her own death in 1962. Again, her goal gets taken on again as Alejandro is shot dead by some robbers and Carmen is sobbing over his body. When they want to take away the house and Carmen plots to be a singer by using Alejandro’s funeral as an audition as some industry bigwigs attend the funeral.

However, things got complicated as her superior boss, Odessa orders her around and her co-worker, Alejandro’s chauffeur and bodyguard, Sam, falls for her.

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She graduated in 1894 and that same year passed the government examination to obtain her teaching license as a secondary school teacher. She can sometimes use people to get what she wants (e.g. Her ex-boyfriend, Sam) on order to get what she wants and will make some devious decisions. Out of money and desperation, Carmen is forced to work as a maid and works for Spence Westmore.

Who is Carmen Luna opportunistic, sensual and cunning young

However, it gets complicated as Spence’s nephew, Ty Mckay has a crush on Carmen and he evens stalks her. Luna Labbé’s co-founder and business partner is her husband Chris, who has over two decades of executive management experience for Fortune 500 companies. Together, they strive to maintain the highest quality standards in all aspects of the business, ranging from the creative process to the shipping of the artwork. Carmen, her family, and her friends are part of a traveling circus known as “Circo Fabuloso”, which travels around the world. As a result, she, alongside her friends Andy and Leo are never living in one area at once, and become unfamiliar with their surroundings. Luckily, the three of them have Luna who travels with them all the time, and knows almost everything therein to know about the country they are located within at any given point.

Carmen (Luna Labbé) Daubenmire, is a native born Texan who grew up in a home life filled with performances of music, drama, and art. She performed for several acting companies in Texas, one of which was a nationally recognized touring company, and was an award winner for her set and costume designs. Additionally, Carmen has traveled extensively, visiting and working throughout multiple countries. These experiences are also a precious source of inspiration for many of her artworks. In addition to her work at the university, de Luna De Luna was actively involved in the Liga de Mujeres Filipinas (Philippine Women’s League), which aimed to equalize the civic and socio-economic opportunities afforded to women.