Who is the leader of Smile PreCure?

Hoshizora Miyuki is the leader of the Cures in Smile Pretty Cure!. She is a bright, energetic girl who loves fairytales. Although she is a scatterbrain and gets flustered easily, she has the determination to get what she wants and is seldom unhappy.

Who is the most powerful Glitter Force?

Whenever this happens, the members of the Glitter Force have to deal with their magical effects. Brooha can cast a spell to temporarily turn herself young, but the spell has a time limit. The secondary antagonist of the series, He is the leader of the commanders, and the strongest. He resembles a harlequin or a joker.

What is glitter breeze powers?

Glitter Breeze is Chloe’s Glitter Force alter ego. She is the blue member of the Glitter Force and controls ice. This gives her the ability to freeze wind and make ice swords for herself.

Is Winx Club based on Sailor Moon?

Winx Club

Winx Club is an Italian animated series that has spanned seven seasons. Not only is this show a copy of Sailor Moon, but it also borrows elements from the series Harry Potter too.

Who is Candy Glitter freeze wind and

Photo who is candy glitter – taken from the site https://yt3.ggpht.com/ytc/AKedOLQysu177ESItzZWvjB64TrAe0NYNwyXLeWWiTdmNA=s900-c-k-c0x00ffffff-no-rj

What does glitter peace say?

Glitter Peace (Solo)

“The power of peace!” Patting the puff on her face. “…the power of love!”

Is Glitter Sunny red or orange?

Kelsey, also known as Glitter Sunny, is a character in Glitter Force. Kelsey is a passionate middle school girl who loves making other kids giggle. Kelsey’s theme color is orange/red. Kelsey has two main voice actresses: Colleen O’Shaughnessey (English) and Asami Tano (Japanese).

How old is Lily from Glitter Force?

Due to how Lily’s short stature, she was speculated to be aged at 13, like Urara from Yes!