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She apologizes for how she handled his situation with the Anwei account and betraying his trust. He’s learned that betraying personal ethics isn’t always justified. They hold hands and she admits she can’t jump from one relationship to another, as she needs to figure out herself and what she’s doing first.

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George Robert Taylor.

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The creature makes noise so she pulls him into the closet and worries that it might get someone else, or that it already got Mariana. At work, Tony compliments Callie on going to trial with the possibility of a settlement, so she asks Tony why Kathleen left the firm she built. The other attorney, Rowan, thinks Kathleen got tired of representing rich clients. Callie notes that he owes Kathleen but he corrects that he‘s here because he wants to be like her.

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After the session, Callie takes Sarah to go get some coffee. Callie and Sarah talk about each other’s foster homes and foster siblings. Callie knew that Sarah was staying with Liam and his family so she tries to get Sarah to talk more about her and her brother. Sarah says she never said his name was Liam and Callie claims she did but Sarah just got scared and said “I have to go” and took off. At home, Mariana gushes over the fact that Callie has a boyfriend, but Callie is still reluctant to accept herself as Wyatt’s girlfriend.

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Henry Taylor Obituary (1927 – – Bakersfield, CA – Bakersfield Californian.

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Dr. Mikkelsen, the accident expert, calls and Kathleen offers to take it in her office. He applauds her poker face and they ask about the case but she can’t tell them as it’s privileged. The boys mention that Kathleen does have a favorite. Adoption DayWhile Brandon is practicing his piano at Mike’s, he gets interrupted by someone knocking at the door. She wants the final verdict on where they both stand; if Brandon is really and truly okay with Callie being adopted into this family.

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Kathleen asks what he did instead and instructs him to tell the jury what he did. Tommy drove around to the places they loved, listened to the playlist Zack made him and kept wishing he was alive. That they were in those places together and they would suddenly be together so it was all a bad dream. Kathleen thanks him for taking the stand and being courageous enough to do it.