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Meet The 29 Year Old Who Is Changing The Face Of Social Media For Online Business

And that’s exactly what social media superstar Brittney Jones does. She does not just help other individuals and brands scale their business online but also inspires thousands of aspiring social entrepreneurs with her incredible work. They follow the traditional path of studying well, getting work in a typical 9 to 5 job, and retire. But some individuals, break the traditional boundaries and venture into the unknown to attain phenomenal success. Among them is an entrepreneur who has scaled to the top in the business coaching industry; with her courage, self-belief, and undeterred passion, she is Brittney Jones. Today, she’s a multi six-figure earner, highly sought after speaker, and online leader to a community of over 150,000 female entrepreneurs.

  • As an example, a business coach whose experience inclines more towards FMCG goods will not be helpful if you are in the cryptocurrency world.
  • A business coach who doesn’t shy away from those moments will end up being the most rewarding experience to invest in.
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  • Leal suffered backlash following reports about her wild night with Kutcher.
  • She was more than thrilled to be in the company of entrepreneurs seeking help to grow their business.

“I just found a way to get out of trouble,” she said before the sex tape started. Officials noted that neither of the people featured in the video worked in the court. You can get in touch with Brittney Jones on her Instagram and on her website.


Brittney has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but, the pressures of getting a university degree and a secure corporate job led her down a different path in life initially. In the interview with Us Weekly, Leal talked about how they met and ended up having sex. She said that Kutcher — who was 33 at the time, and Demi Moore 48 — did not use a condom. She also said that after sex they engaged in pillow talk, touching on a wide variety of topics, ranging from politics to astrology, and love. As for Mr. Kutcher — dude scored a minor victory in the whole sex tape controversy … A rep for Vivid tells us, “We decided not to use the A-lister’s actual name in connection with the sex tape.”

She eventually slipped him her number on a cocktail napkin, and after exchanging text messages, they met on July 27. She said they ended up having sex on his couch at his Beverly Hills home while Moore was out of town. She said stayed behind when her friends left and had sex with Kutcher multiple times.

Who is Brittney Jones Many of us dream of

Brittney Jones, Florida Woman Accused Of Filming Sex Act In Courthouse, Arrested In Jacksonville: Report

She empowers her clients to have a high self-belief, carefully carving out relatable strategies for online success. Brittney believes having the right mindset is vital, and the reason some people succeed and others don’t. Brittney did what she thought she was supposed to do, went to university, got a degree, and started working in the corporate world. Many of us dream of wanting more out life, we dream of escaping the 9-5, travelling the world, and living life on our own terms, few achieve this level of success throughout their careers.

Her life was a typical one until one local business owner reached out to her to get guidance about setting up their business online. Her suggestions bore great results to them, and more people began asking Brittney out for her guidance over a glass of wine. While family members may feel shame over the explicit courthouse video, Brittney Jones is reportedly enjoying the attention that came from it. As reports of the sex tape made national news and images spread across social media, Jones appeared to revel in her strange viral fame. The road leading to entrepreneurial success is bumpy, but a little boost of inspiration can go a long way in helping you succeed.

Who is Brittney Jones with her courage, self

The truth is that business coaches have specialties based on the various types of businesses. As an example, a business coach whose experience inclines more towards FMCG goods will not be helpful if you are in the cryptocurrency world. The main aim of cross-checking their experience is to see how relevant or familiar they are with your business niche. That’s about all we know about Jones, except that she’s 21 years old and has brown hair. An insider says she’s a gold digger, an accusation helped along by the fact that Jones released a sex tape in late 2010.

However, with a clientele of more than a thousand global customers, Jones’ work is at a whole new level. Her next projects consist of keynote speaking engagements in 2020 and launching her new suite of online courses. She plans on continuing to expand her business and continue inspiring others, so that they too can build a business and life beyond their wildest dreams. Brittney also faced many challenges during her journey into what she is today. She had to deal with constantly being underestimated on her journey, including from family members who would even email her job ads while she was trying to build her business.

According to the former, the actor never had to choose between her and his wife, as Jones claims Kutcher and Moore have an open marriage and Demi was simply angry that she couldn’t participate in their fling. In September, the 21-year old claimed she had an affair with Ashton Kutcher. Such an accusation landed her on the cover of a couple tabloids, but the news never got much traction in the mainstream media.

The key thing to note is that this is not simply someone who has memorized theories in textbooks but rather someone who has walked this path themselves. Therefore, they not only understand the unique challenges you face, they understand the pressure too. This small town girl is taking social media by storm and inspiring others to build a life beyond their wildest dreams, because she knows there’s room at the top for everyone. Jones garnered significant media attention when she posted a photo of her and American football player Rob Gronkowski on her Twitter account in October 2011. Courthouse officials said the sex tape was filmed during open court hours, but they noted that the hallway was empty when the explicit video was filmed. Brittney Jones made it appear as if she was performing the sex act as a way to avoid her own charges, WREG noted.