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She was featured on the cover of XXL magazine’s August issue alongside rapper 50 Cent. She has accumulated over 1.2 million Instagram followers and counting through her impressive resume as a model. She first decided to pursue her modeling career after high school in 2006. Brianna Francisco shared her before surgery photos on Twitter in November 2017.

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She has millions of followers, many of the men who praise her for her curvy body. Brianna is a registered nurse and went to tea parties, who formerly worked at UT Southwestern Clements Hospital in Dallas, Texas. She did not have any social media aspirations and would have furthered her career in nursing, if her husband had not persuaded her to become a YouTuber. Brianna Francisco also known as Brianna Amor is a curvy Jamaican and Honduran Instagram model based in Atlanta, USA.

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Brianna Amor has also been featured in publications such as SHOW Magazine, XXL Magazine, and Hip HopWeekly. She married Preston Arsement on May 12, 2018 at Dallas Union Station. The story of how Brianna and Preston met each other is quite interesting. She was working at UT Southwestern when one of her colleagues, who also happened to be Preston’s aunt Tammy, mentioned her nephew and his “unwavering faith, exceptional work ethic and caring attitude”.

Brianna Francisco angry ex-boyfriend took to social media in 2018 and leaked what he claims is her Brianna Francisco’s “plastic surgery bill.” The bill has Brianna Amor’s government real name, Brianna Francisco, on it. Curvy glamour model who became known for her work in major music videos such as T.I.’s “Big Things Poppin,'” T-Pain’s “Bartender” and Soulja Boy’s “Bird Walk.” She has also been featured in publications such as SHOW Magazine, XXL Magazine, and Hip HopWeekly. Both Brianna and Preston acknowledged aunt Tammy’s role in bringing them together. Brianna’s best friend and a supportive nursing colleague, Brittany Carr, was the Maid of Honor at her wedding, while her sorority sisters Loghan Abila, Jessie Brown, and Kasey Chester were the bridesmaids. Preston likes to play games like fortnite, roblox, minecraft and many games.

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Before she and Preston got married, Brianna realized that she and Preston had a lot of similarities and decided to meet him. A few weeks later, the two met for a coffee date and ended up having a six hours long conversation. After their fantastic first date, the pair drew closer to each other and eventually began a relationship. Her real name is Brianna Francisco, but she is also known as Brianna Amor. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, but is of Jamaican and Honduran descent. And the cost of the procedures – an estimated $28,000 plus tax.