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Though she and the others tried to subdue him, they fell individually to his powers and he succeeded in getting away. She chased Spider-Man with the others after the former had spotted Electro. She managed to dodge an oncoming bus, which Power Man stopped from moving as Nova was hit. The group continued to help out those in the city until Electro revealed himself to them. His use of electricity caused Spider-Man to shoot webs at his teammates against his own will, resulting in Ava and the others being hit.

Ava Addams is a social media celebrity and adult actress from the United States. Beautiful, buxom, and shapely dark-haired brunette stunner Ava Addams was born Alexia Roy on September 16, 1981 in Gibraltar. At age eighteen Ava first started posing for nude and fetish photo shoots; she subsequently … On the off chance that Ava Addams was not a grown-up entertainer, she would presumably function as a specialist since she accepts clinical positions are an excellent paying position; however, it’s an exhausting profession.

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In New York, Silas keeps Ava, whom he rescued and unveils that she is battling cancer. When the cancer spreads at quicker than Silas imagined, Ava requests to be euthanized, choosing to end her life on her own terms. One month after her loved ones believe her to be dead, a doppelgänger by the name of Denise DeMuccio arrives and claims to be inquiring about Ava’s family, considering their resemblance.

  • The casting of Braun originally brought up fan speculation that she would be coming in as previous established character, Sarah Horton, daughter of veteran character, Maggie Horton.
  • However, as she approached it, she was knocked unconscious as it speeded off to similarly attack and defeat the likes of Nova, Power Man, and Iron Fist.
  • By the next day, she became careless towards keeping herself in any type of redeemable condition and instead, became disgusting to her teammates as she drank from the carton.
  • As Peter and Sam were sent to detention, Ava had already been sent there at the instructions of principal Coulson.

She and the rest of her team were scolded by Nick Fury for the collateral damage of the battle and were given a new task in the form of joining Damage Control and cleaning up their own messes. While she and the others displayed distaste in their new job, Spider-Man and Nova claimed to have uncovered a nefarious secret about the group. She and the rest of the team did not believe them and carried on their own individual work until finally being allowed to resume their jobs as superheroes. Ava became White Tiger after her father was heavily injured by Kraven the Hunter during the latter’s seeking of his power. Her father passed the White Tiger Amulet down to her and instructed that it not fall into Kraven’s hands, in fear that the tyrant would become even more powerful. She took the Tiger Amulet, every day enduring its willingness to drive her into becoming wild and uncontrolled.

The two trapped Taskmaster in the school’s gym and attacked him, this time with each other’s weapons. To their surprises, White Tiger started to enjoy using Spider-Man’s technology and later joined him to talk with Danny and Coulson. Daytime Confidential also listed the relationship of Denise and Morgan as their number one “Worst Soap Couples of 2015”. While on the island, Sonny confronts Ava, and confesses he knows the truth about Ava’s involvement in the shootings of both Olivia and Connie, and promises to kill her. Ava then confesses that she is pregnant, with either Sonny or Morgan’s child, guaranteeing her nine more months of life from Sonny.
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After Electro escaped, Spider-Man asked if they noticed anything about Electro that they could use to their advantage. Ava noted the way he had talked, to which Iron Fist responded by explaining that he had become more focused on his actions as he continued to use his powers. The group successfully took down Batroc the Leaper and were confronted by Electro after doing so. During their battle with Electro, White Tiger and Iron Fist were chased by several of his clones.

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She ran off with the others and managed to get into the ship once the group worked as a team and subdued Sandman. However, Sandman hid as sand on their ship and managed to get off. The group was forced to go after Sandman, whom had changed into a large form and was making his way onto New York. White Tiger and the others chased him as he continued to make his way into the state.

After Power Man made a comment regarding the group needing to lose weight, Spider-Man exclaimed that White Tiger had been eating more desserts than the others. Angered by this rather rude comment, White Tiger pressed her claws into Spider-Man’s shoulders and caused him to verbally express his discomfort. The group came to a stop, caused by several citizens angered over Spider-Man supposed involvement in their lack of electricity. The group started to throw trash at him, as well as White Tiger and the others.