Who is Annabel Leigh Be sure to notice

What does Dissever mean in Annabel Lee?

By Edgar Allan Poe

He goes on to say that neither the angels in heaven or the demons who live under the water can stop their love. Nothing in heaven or hell can "dissever" (that means cut or separate) his soul and Annabel's soul.

Who is Annabel Leigh away from

What does highborn kinsman mean?

Then, still without saying that she was dead, the speaker tells us how her "kinsman" (that just means a member of her family) came and took her away from him. Be sure to notice the word he uses to describe this kinsman. He calls him "highborn" which means aristocratic, noble.
Who is Annabel Leigh Dolores Haze

What was Lolita's real name?

The novel is presented as the posthumously published memoirs of its antihero, Humbert Humbert. A European intellectual and pedophile, Humbert lusts obsessively after 12-year-old nymphet Lolita (real name, Dolores Haze), who becomes his willing inamorata.

Who was Humbert Humbert's first love?

Annabel Leigh was Humbert Humbert's innocent childhood love which he tried to recapture with the help of Dolores Haze/Lolita.