Who is Angelle Folse

Where does Olivia Ponton live?

Where does Olivia Ponton live? Despite travelling all over Europe, Olivia is primarily based in California.

How old is Ava TikTok?

Ava Rose’s Date of Birth (Birth Date) is October 11, 2003. What is Ava Rose age? Ava Rose’s real age is 18 Years as of September 2022.

Who is Angelle Folse Despite travelling all over

Who is Olivia girlfriend?

Olivia Announced her “Bisexuality” and her Gf

Kaila Novak and Ponton started seeing each other in Jan 2022. Later during an interview with Teen Vogue Olivia announced that she identifies as bisexual in June 2022. She also revealed that she got a girlfriend, “Kaila Novak”.

Where does Ava sage live?

Ava Sage is a beautiful and young famous TikTok Star and Social Media Influencer who was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, Untied Stateson July 26, 2001 and currently she living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Untied States with her Family.

Did Olivia Ponton do track?

Ponton ran track in high school

She is also an athlete having done track, waterskiing and yoga. Ponton was a member of the track team at Naples High School where she competed in the 4×100 relay and the 60-meter dash.

Who is Angelle Folse Ava Rose

How tall is KIO?

Kio Cyr’s height is 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs 150 lbs (68 kgs). Kio has black hair and black eyes. Kio Cyr is a young talented social media influencer who has managed to attract a considerable number of fans over the years.

Who is Eva Cudmore?

Eva Cudmore is a Canadian TikTok Star who has a net worth of $0.2 Million. She posts dance content and lip-syncs videos on her TikTok account that are highly loved by her fans. She has a self-titled TikTok account and has more than 2.6 Million followers on TikTok.