Who is Angel Montgomery

Is Angel Stitch's sister?

, Angel is the only experiment to not be regarded as one of Stitch's relatives. Angel is regarded to be the breakout character for the sequel material of the franchise. Despite being a minor character in the original series, her popularity led to her recurring appearances in the later Stitch!

When did Bonnie Raitt record Angel From Montgomery?

Bonnie Raitt, whose 1974 recording of "Angel From Montgomery" helped make the song perhaps Prine's most beloved ballad, joined her old friend for a deeply poignant version from last year's awards ceremony.

Who is Angel Montgomery to evil with

Is Angel Stitch's girlfriend?

Angel, also known as Experiment 624, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and Stitch's girlfriend and love interest. She is designed to revert rehabilitated people and experiments to evil with a siren song, though it can have the opposite effect if it is heard backwards.

What year did John Prine write Angel From Montgomery?

Prine wrote “Angel From Montgomery” in 1971, but it wasn't until Bonnie Raitt included a cover of the song on 1974's Streetlights that it was brought into wider recognition. The duo have performed it many times over the years, recently at Austin City Limits' Americana special in 2022.

Who made Angel From Montgomery famous?

'Angel From Montgomery': The story of John Prine's most unforgettable song. Grammy-winning singer John Prine on April 8 died of coronavirus at age 73.