Who is Angel Eyez

What is the meaning behind Angel Eyes?

angel eyes. the ability to see unconditional love under any condition or circumstance.

How did Angel Eyes get in the union?

The only logical explanation I can think of is he came across a fallen Union sergeant while traveling across the war torn landscapes and took his uniform, or possibly met one who was still alive during his travels and killed him himself because he was a murderous cold hearted man after all.

Who is Angel Eyez to see

What is Angel Eyes real name?

The real name of Angel Eyes is Sentenza, as revealed by the Italian version of the movie. The English nickname Angel Eyes was actually invented on the set by Eli Wallach. The real name of Sentenza is never revealed in the English dub of the movie.

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Why did Tuco shoot Angel Eyes?

It was also clear that Tuco was going to shoot Angel Eyes because of his prior affiliation with Blondie.

Why is Lee Van Cleef called Angel Eyes?

Clint Eastwood came up with the name Angel Eyes on the set, for Lee Van Cleef’s gaunt appearance and expert marksmanship.