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Does 90 Day Fiancé Jorge have a child?

Jorge Nava has added another little one to his family. The 90 Day Fiancé alum and his girlfriend Rhoda Blua welcomed their second baby together, a son, on Tuesday, March 22, Nava announced Thursday. The couple is already parents to daughter Zara, whom they welcomed in April 2022.

Who is Anfisa Arkhipchenko visa and other expenses

Did Danielle Sue Mohamed?

However, the 90 Day Fiancé star claimed Mohammed begged for her to get a divorce instead “so he could stay in America.” The pair divorced in March 2022, but by October 2022, Danielle claimed to have paid for Mohamed’s K-1 visa and other expenses and sued Mohamed for $12,500.

Where is Mohamed Jbali now?

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Mohamed Jbali has said goodbye to his apartment in Austin, Texas, and is currently calling Indianapolis, Indiana, his new home! In a June 2022 Instagram post, he wrote in the caption of the snap of himself, “Memories of good days, Austin Texas, miss it.”

Who is Jorge’s new girlfriend?

This 90 Day Fiancé family just got bigger! Jorge Nava’s girlfriend, Rhoda Blua, gave birth to their second baby on Tuesday, March 22, Us Weekly exclusively confirms.

Where is Jorge Nava now?

However, Jorge was arrested in Arizona on February 12, 2022, and later sentenced to two-and-a-half years for possession of drugs with the intention to sell. Jorge is now a free man, and supposedly ready to welcome his second baby with his new girlfriend Rhoda Blua.

Does Jorge have a child?

In April, he announced the arrival of their daughter, Zara, by posting a precious photo of Rhoda cradling the newborn. In his new post, Jorge shared a pic of himself holding his partner’s baby bump, along with the caption, “Never did I imagine my dreams becoming a reality so fast.

What was Jorge talking about Anfisa?

He said that Anfisa told him she couldn’t be with him anymore two months into his prison sentence, and that he was heartbroken to find out on the internet that she had a new boyfriend. Jorge was released from prison in May 2022, and in August, he filed for divorce after three years of marriage.

What did anfisa Arkhipchenko do for a living?

Anfisa is a model, social media influence and reality TV star. She rose to fame in 2022 after appearing on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance in 2022. Today she has a YouTube channel with almost 500k followers, 815k followers on Instagram and almost 20k followers on Twitter.

How does anfisa Nava make money?

“YouTube Adsense, YT sponsorships, IG sponsorship, affiliate, OnlyFans, online training programs” was Anfisa’s reply. After graduating next year, Anfisa also plans to own a hedge fund and for the time being doesn’t want to continue doing any bikini competitions.

Is Mohamed from 90 Day Fiancé deported?

He started pursuing another woman, and his actions made Danielle threaten him with deportation, eventually resulting in their divorce. In the end, both 90 Day Fiancé stars did come to an agreement, which didn’t involve annulment. After the divorce settlement, Mohamed moved on to building a great life in America.

Is Anfisa still with Jorge 2022?

Jorge Nava & Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Since then, they’ve faced a number of challenges, including Jorge’s two-year prison sentence for felony marijuana possession and distribution charges. He was released in May 2022 and filed for divorce from Anfisa three months later.