Who is the greatest Filipino inventor?

Alfredo M. Anos Sr. is recognized as the godfather of Filipino inventors. He has made greater than 44 inventions and innovations that received multi-level recognition.

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How many scientists are there in the Philippines?

The Philippines has only 11,490 scientists and engineers, of which only 3,198 work in the government, which translates to 130 scientists and engineers per million population (Source: DOST Survey R&D Expenditures and Human Resources in Government, Higher Education and Private Non-Profit Sectors, 2002, 2003, 2005 and …

What is the golden age in the history of science?

Thus, with the government functioning as a group of patrons, the period between the end of World War II and the recent decades became the Golden Age of Science, characterized by explosive growth in the numbers of scientists at work and fueled by seemingly unlimited expansion in the level of government funding.

What is the contribution of Gregorio Zara?

Dr. Zara’s important achievements include: the invention of two-way television telephone, electrical kinetic resistance known as the Zara effect, airplane engine using alcohol as fuel which was first flown at the Manila International Airport on September 30, 1954 and solar energy.

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Who is Phillip alviola?

Alviola. Phillip is MNH’s curator for small mammals and other wildlife He graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Banos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has completed a Master’s Degree in Wildlife Studies also from the same university.

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What is an astrophysicist do?

“An astrophysicist might study galaxies, planets, stars or other celestial objects such as black holes and asteroids,” says Ms Spiewak, whose PhD relates to pulsars, otherwise known as ‘dead’ stars.

Who is the famous Filipino in the field of science for being an outstanding educator and graph theorist?

Mari-Jo P. Ruiz is a Filipina mathematician, currently a professor emeritus of mathematics at Ateneo de Manila University. Ruiz specializes in graph theory and operations research.

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Who invented mango flowering?

Ramon Barba developed a simple method for inducing early flowering in mango plants. His invention, widely used today, revolutionized the Philippine mango industry, making the crop one of the country’s top export earners.

What is the contribution of Irene Crisologo?

Irene is a postdoc at Northwestern University who studies rainfall and how rainfall can be measured more accurately. She uses data from multiple instruments, mainly weather radars, to understand the process of precipitation—from droplets in the atmosphere to the potential hazards when it reaches the ground.