Who is Amber Porter

What was Amber in jail for?

JAIL TIME. Amber was sentenced to five years in prison for prescription drug possession and probation violation. The Teen Mom OG star was released from jail early in 2022 for good behavior and according to the jail’s spokesperson, she participated in a substance abuse program while in prison.

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Who is Amber from Teen Mom married to now?

Amber Portwood & Dimitri Garcia

He’s 39 so he’s 10 years older than me. But he’s a very handsome man,” Amber shared on the show. “I started opening up to him and we decided we should meet since we like each other.” In April 2022, Amber revealed on the Teen Mom OG reunion special that she is still dating Dimitri.

Does Cole DeBoer still work?

Cole works as a traffic control specialist in the Mount Rushmore state. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a traffic control specialist is estimated at $45K. Along with from manning the roads and highways in the area, he also has his own sock line with TrueFeat.

Is Amber with Dimitri?

While some speculated that there was trouble in paradise, Amber exclusively revealed to E! News that they are still in touch and dating. “I haven’t seen Dimitri in 11 months,” she explained. “I still have love for him and we still talk. He’s a good guy.

Why did Andrew and Amber break up?

Glennon is now demanding that Portwood take a “hair follicle drug screen” test, which she reportedly said would be “unnecessary due to her history of negative drug screens.” Portwood and Glennon had a very contentious breakup after she was arrested in July 2022 for allegedly attacking him with a machete.

How much does Jenelle’s mom make?

According to Star (via Radar Online), “Jenelle gets paid $75,000 a year, and her mom gets paid $65,000: she calls her an overpaid babysitter.
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Is Ryan from Teen Mom sober?

Ryan Edwards wants his fans to know he has been living a clean life. The “Teen Mom OG” alum, who was fired from the MTV show in March, revealed he has been sober for three years after battling a heroin addiction.

Does Amber have custody of Leah?

The exes have been coparenting their baby boy since her July 2022 domestic battery arrest and their subsequent breakup. The California native has primary physical custody, sharing joint legal custody with Portwood.

How long did Amber go to jail for?

A judge gave Amber a suspended sentence of two years in addition to two years parole, but her legal troubles didn’t end there. After her third and final parole violation, Amber was sentenced to five years in prison, but after 17 months, she was released for good behavior in December of 2022.

Is Cheyenne pregnant by Zach?

Cheyenne Floyd and fiancé Zach Davis welcomed a son on May 27, and the Teen Mom OG duo is now revealing a close-up look at their brand-new baby cub!

What was Ryan addicted to?

Ryan, 33, has struggled with heroin abuse, as he has been in and out of rehab and jail over the years. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Ryan insisted he is sober today.

Does Gary have full custody of Leah?

Following Amber’s arrest in December 2022, Gary was granted full custody of Leah.