How much does it cost for Mark Worman to restore a car?

It has been said in the series that it can cost you as little as $ 70 000.00 to get your car restored. Some cars might cost you, even more, depending on the damage done to the car as well as the parts that need to be replaced.

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What is the average cost of a Graveyard Carz restoration?

What Is The Average Cost Of A Graveyard Carz Restoration? You may not only have to pay hundreds of dollars to restore your car, but you’re also putting money toward its repair. As suggested in the series, it can cost as little as $ 70 000.

What’s the daughter’s name on Graveyard Carz?

Who Is Allysa Rose? It’s no secret that Allysa Rose is the daughter of Mark Worman, the producer of Graveyard Carz. Growing up in Springfield, Oregon, she helped her dad out in the garage, tinkering with cars from a young age.

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Is FantomWorks still in production?

By the first few days of 2022, we will finish filming the television series FantomWorks. The shop will continue to build cars for years to come but the show called FantomWorks will conclude. Our weekly tours will continue as they have since long before the show began.

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Who is the painter on Graveyard Carz?

Alyssa Rose

While she is currently a prized engineer and painter at Graveyard Carz, cars were far from the plan growing up.

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How much is the owner of Graveyard Carz worth?

Mark Worman net worth: Mark Worman is an American auto-body shop owner and reality television personality who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars.