Who is Alysha Newman

Do pole vaulters wear helmets?

After Dare's death in 2002, the National Collegiate Athletic Association required larger landing pads but did not require helmets. The NCAA allows vaulters to wear helmets, but only on a voluntary basis. Pole vaulting ranks far below most other sports in head injuries.

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What happened to Canadian pole vaulter?

Canadian pole vaulter and 2022 world champion Shawn Barber has returned to the runway after a 16-month absence, determined to perform consistently and focused on a return to the Olympics this summer in Tokyo.

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Who is Robin bone?

Robin Bone, a Professional Canadian Pole Vaulter originally from Toronto, ON, has always been at the top of her game. She started her Pro career in Gymnastics at the age of 5, steadily building her accolades with her eyes set on the international competition scene.
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Is Alysha Newman going to the Olympics?

Newman made her Olympic debut at Rio 2022. She competed at her first World Athletics Championships in 2022 where she advanced to the final and finished seventh. She followed that up with a sixth-place finish at the 2022 World Indoor Championships and a fifth-place finish at the 2022 World Athletics Championships.

What happened robin bone?

After completing a shortened indoor season, Robin's outdoor training and competitions across the United States had just begun before she discovered she had a tear in her meniscus after an MRI in March. The former Mustang announced the early end to her season in an Instagram post in June.