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Who is Allison Avery Ed Gedeon From Fishers, Indiana

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I know all the Bugs, Daffy, Popeye-era cartoons by heart. I love Toon In With Me’s spirit of keeping the classics alive! I’ve always loved Looney Tunes ever since I was a kid even another show called Animaniacs. I wanted to draw myself as a Looney Tunes character.

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Love, Embodied: Romance 2022.

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I am a big fan of the show, and watch it every day. I 3D modeled, printed and painted this model of Toony. I watched Toon In With Me every morning. It inspires my other cartoon-themed artwork so I guess you could say that Toony is kind of like my muse.

Ed Gedeon From Fishers, Indiana

While working on this, I learned about the passing of Chicago TV icon Bill Jackson, so his Blob character is included. Without him, we probably wouldn’t have Toon In With Me or Svengoolie. I thought Toony deserved a snappy car to show up Kerwin. Most of my ideas came from those great old cartoons and animators. My Dad came up with the idea of Kerwyn going fishing and ended up catching Toony. It was a funny idea and gave it a go.

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Avery basketball program hosts Junior Vikings Basketball Camp.

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Handler, Chelsea; Thorne, Bella . «Why not make the world a little bit kinder? @bellathorne is now streaming on @netflix». This a picture of Toony the tuna. This drawing shows bill holding a special donut for Toony.


When I watch Toon in With me in the mornings it gives me good feelings. I wake up early to be sure to watch it and my parents like it too because it reminds them of their childhood. This is a picture I drew of toony with a nice necklace.