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Is Alley Kat beer gluten free?

This revived version of Scona Gold is brewed using barley, but with a special process that reduces the gluten content to below 20 ppm. As noted on the website, this means the beer is considered gluten-reduced rather than gluten-free, but it should still be suitable for drinkers with some forms of gluten intolerance.

Who makes Alley Cat Beer?

“I never met a beer I didn’t like!” exclaims Neil Herbst, owner of Alley Kat Brewing Company, “And I wanted to experiment with and taste more than what I could get in Alberta back in the day.”

Who bought Alley Kat?

After 25 years in business, the owners of one of Edmonton’s first craft breweries have sold Alley Kat to a new ownership team. Husband and wife team Neil and Lavonne Herbst announced Tuesday that they’ve sold the independent brewery to Zane Christensen and Cameron French — two fans of the business from St. Albert.