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Was Aaliyah afraid of flying?

But in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Damon Dash discussed Aaliyah’s fear of flying as well as their conversation before her boarding that fateful flight and his irritation as to how if things would have happened the way they were planned Aaliyah may be still here with us today.

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What was Aaliyah last words?

Aaliyah, however, felt that she had an obligation to travel to the Bahamas to finish the video. Her last words to him were, “I gotta do it.”

When did Jay-Z Date Aaliyah?

Aaliyah and JAY-Z were romantically linked in 1999 when they were around 20 and 29, respectively (via The Daily Beast). They were photographed hanging out on a couple of occasions and even hugging each other.

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Who went to Aaliyahs funeral?

Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church. Family and friends attended the service, including Combs, Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, Ananda Lewis and Lil’ Kim. Later, a public memorial at Cipriani 42nd Street was crowded with more than 3,000 mourners.

Was Jay-Z married to Aaliyah?

Reports state that although Jay-Z and Aaliyah hung out one time, nothing ever came of it. In fact, once Aaliyah and Dash met each other, they started hanging out more and more and started having feelings for each other. The two dated from 2000 up until her death caused by the plane crash in 2001.

Who gave up their seat on the Buddy Holly plane?

Allsup and Valens flipped a coin to see who would get a seat on the small plane. Valens called heads and won and Allsup took the bus. Jennings gave up his seat for Richardson, who felt that as a large-sized man, would feel uncomfortable on the bus. Jennings took the bus.