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Alisha Jones

Once they were alone, Jones had asked Jessica if it made her nervous to see her around Arocho, which Jessica confirmed, noting that Jones had previously murdered Stirling Adams when she encountered him. Saddened by this, Jones told her daughter that she did not want to hurt her again, to which Jessica noted that Jones was not in control of that. Jessica then noted that she understood by Jones had avoided her for those seventeen years, and why she had Dorothy Walker adopt her, telling her that these things she could at least understand, if not forgive. Jones questioned why Jessica kept the ashes in a plastic bag, to which Jessica noted that obviously the ashes had not been of her mother like she believed, with Jones noting that Malus had believed that sending her the ashes would have helped Jessica to move on with her life.

While Jones kept Jessica pinned to the wall, Jessica told her that she did not know how stubborn she was, promising that she would catch Malus if he attempted to run. As Jones once again told Malus to run, he warned her that she would not survive if she was arrested, as he believed that she would be experimented upon and hurt, to which Jones warned that she would hurt anybody who dared to hurt Malus. Jones had once again told Malus to take the money and run, while he insisted that he would not go without her, as Jones furiously screamed at Malus to get out. Once Jones had made herself a cup of tea at Karl Malus’ residence, she briefly checked her wig in the reflection of the microwave, before choosing the song which she would practice piano on, in her attempt to ensure that she did not lose control again and risk causing harm.

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Jessica agreed, and tightened the restraints around her mother’s arms and legs, while Jones explained that Karl Malus would usually help her with these, while Jessica had mockingly called this a romantic gesture. Jones had then questioned how Jessica believed they should handle the situation, to which Jessica insisted that she would find another option for her mother, which did not involve her being sent to the Raft for the rest of her life. Jessica also noted that, until she figured out what this would be, Cheng would have to stay as her reluctant prisoner. Jones insisted that she kidnapping was all Jessica’s fault, before noticing her daughter checking her gunshot wound in the mirror, while Jessica denied that she would be in the same situation as her mother. Rather than escaping, Jones had instead introduced herself to Oscar Arocho, claiming that she had simply forgotten what floor the Alias Investigations Office was on, as Arocho took her back and they discussed the Spanish language. Just as they were arriving back at the right apartment, they were found by Jessica Jones, with Arocho explaining that Jones had already introduced herself, and that they had agreed that Jones should teach Jessica some Spanish.

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Once the weather report was finished, a special news report came up, in which the host announced that the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility had been destroyed, and that Trish Walker was seemingly connected with this, as Jones took notice of this report out of fear. While Jones insisted that she also had dreams about her victims, she insisted that they would fade, which Jessica denied was always true, to which Jones insisted that Holiday was an evil man, which she believed should have comforted Jessica. Changing the subject, Jessica asked Jones if Karl Malus had any friends, confessing that she had lost track of Malus and wanted to know where he would have gone. Jones questioned if Malus had hid paperwork, which Jessica admitted he did not, to which Jones insisted that Malus would not leave without the paperwork.

Out of control, Jones tore the keys out of the piano smashed the entire thing apart, before standing over the wreckage of the piano, as she tried to get her breathing into control. Jones would also learn that Malus had sent Jessica Jones the ashes of Brian and Phillip Jones, as well as some additional ashes that they claimed belonged to Jones herself. However, Jones also learned that Jessica had kept these ashes in Trish Walker’s storage unit for all the years that she believed her family had been dead.

However, Jessica insisted that an apology would not be enough, as she accused her mother of trying to kill Walker, who she called the most important person in her life, her best friend and sister. In order to avoid the guards and cameras within the hospital, Jones proceeded to leap and climb up to Walker’s window, and climbed inside, just as Jessica Jones had arrived, intending to defend Walker from her mother’s rage. Jones ordered her daughter to get out, which Jessica refused to do, while Jones insisted that Walker had taken everything away from her, including Karl Malus, blaming Walker for everything that had happened. Filled with rage and confusion, Jones could not look away from the sleeping Walker, while Jessica calmly blocked her path.

Jones had then questioned if Jessica had told Trish Walker where Malus was, which Jessica denied, with Jones furiously insisting that it had to be Walker who had taken him, noting that Walker had come to the Eastern Regional Detention Center to get her to give him up, calling Walker a moron. While Jones began losing control of her rage, Jessica had still continued to insist that Walker did not know where Malus was. Seeing these, Jessica questioned what they were, with Jones denying that they had been caused by her handcuffs, and instead insisting that it was merely a rash. Refusing to leave this alone, Jessica questioned if the handcuffs were hurting her mother, which she did not respond to, before questioning which of the guards had done this to her, only for Jones to promise that she would handle this when the time was right.

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Despite their best efforts to keep this hidden from their children, Phillip walked in on one of these arguments, the shock of which caused Phillip to act out, to the point of him being suspended from school and Brian then wanting to put him on ADD medication, which Jones had strongly objected to. At some point during the time-gap between the third and fourth season, Alisha was found and recruited by Martinez and/or his other group members. Whilst at Martinez’s camp, Alisha starts a relationship with fellow survivor Tara Chambler and is later seen when the group discuss about the leadership after Martinez’ death. She sets off with Philip and the Chambler family when Philip convinces them to leave Martinez’s camp for not being safe, but she came back with them after that.