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Who is the biggest streamer on Twitch?

1: Ninja – Followers: 18.2 million

Twitch: Ninja Ninja is by far the most-followed streamer on Twitch.

Is Twitch OK for kids?

How old should kids be to use Twitch? Twitch requires that users be at least 13 years old to use their platform, but Common Sense recommends Twitch for teens 15+. This is mainly due to the unpredictable nature of livestreaming, open chat, and easy access to mature content.

Can my 12 year old stream on Twitch?

According to Twitch, the minimum age rating is 13 years and a user between 13 and 18 years old should use the platform with an adult, according to the site’s terms of service. Any under 13s found to have an account will be terminated.

Is Alinity from Colombia?

I was born in Colombia and moved to Canada 7 years ago. I consider myself a dual. I absolutely love Canada, but part of my identity is Colombian.

What is Alinity real name?

Natalia Mogollon (Alinity Divine) Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More. Natalia Mogollon is a Columbian live streamer, twitch gamer, and social media influencer.
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Who is WillNeff?

WillNeff was born in Manhattan but his family moved to Princeton, NJ when he was seven. He struggled during school due to his ADHD and dyslexia. As a child, he spent most of his summers alone at his parents’ house on Beaver Island, so he spent a lot of his time watching TV. This sparked his interest in storytelling.

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Did Alinity get divorced?

However, Alinity took to Twitter to fight the petition. She said that “the divorce was initiated by [her] ex over something he did … [she] signed the papers and [they] split amicably.” Her statement argues that she didn’t divorce him, he divorced her. Legally, there’s no argument to be made for her to be deported.

Is Nick Polom half white?

Is Nick Polom half white? Yes, he comes from a mixed ethnic background of African and American ancestry. His mother is white, while his father is black.

Is Twitch used for dating?

Most reasonable people understand Twitch isn’t a dating site. While stream content can range from serious to funny and even to raunchy, it’s intended only as a platform for people to provide entertainment and accept fan donations for doing so.