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Alinity Divine

The basement, which doubles as her office, is decorated with poster prints and white twinkling trees. In the video, Alinity battles her cat Maya for an oblea, a Mexican wafer candy. According to CTV News Saskatoon, Alinity does sponsored gaming streams, which earn her about $1,000 per hour.

Who Is Alinity Divine

Alinity Divine is popular for being a Twitch Star. Twitch gamer who is known for her Alinity live streaming channel. Her name is derived from her most frequently played and broadcasted game, World of Warcraft.

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In May 2018, she admits that she married a Canadian and then divorced him for citizenship to move back to Colombia. However, she refuses to respond to any criticism given due to this. She allegedly said the N word on stream before in August 2019. Some people defended her stating that this is due to her accent making a sound similar to ‘Nick your’ not actually the word. She has a younger sister named Valentina Mogollon, and one brother. She has also worked as a nurse for over four years while holding a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Twitch Streamer Alinity had come under fire in 2022 after she was banned from Twitch because of a nip slip that occurred during one of her lives. The streaming platform suspended her account for nudity. The whole incident took place on April 24, 2022, which was approximately a year ago. Alinity Divine aka Natalia Mogollon is a Twitch Streamer, Model, Youtuber, and Social media personality.

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She also boasts about making 700 dollars she’d made with a company known for copyright-striking YouTube videos called CollabDRM. In a later-deleted Twitter statement made by Alinity, she’d blamed the ‘rampant sexism in online communities’ and argued that PewDiePie’s comments degraded women. In April 2020 during stream, Alinity tried to fit a pillow under her shirt when she accidentally pulls it up instead and reveals her left nipple for a split-second. Many people were upset due to this behavior and requested for her to be banned. The Twitch staff didn’t take any action until she asked herself.

Who is Alinity Divine white twinkling trees

However, it’s hard to tell for sure if she said what it sounds like or if it was intended in a bad way. She apologized to anyone who felt offended even after explaining that it wasn’t what it sounded like. Natalia’s first language isn’t English, and it would hardly be the first time she’s tripped over words. Whether or not you think she’s telling the truth when she says it was a matter of slurring words, not speaking slurs is a matter of personal opinion. According to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, video games and her online community helped Alinity cope with depression and bipolar disorder. When she was contemplating suicide, she contacted a friend, who immediately took her to see a doctor.