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During her escape, she somehow detects she was being watched by one of the security guards and was able to kill with a mere glance through the monitors. During her escape, Alice was confronted by a dozen armed soldiers waiting outside, ready to kill her, when Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera intervene. He then orders the activation of Project Alice, resulting in a heads-up display forming in Alice’s vision and the Umbrella logo briefly appearing in her eyes. The group arrives at city hall, unaware that Major Cain has intervened with Dr. Ashford’s plan. He captures Alice and the others and demands to see a demonstration of Alice’s abilities against the Nemesis. He explains that Alice was unique and adapted to the changes from the T-virus, unlike her counterpart.

Over her orange tank she has a tattered olive mesh tank, sleeveless, with a scooped neckline. Once ripped, the middle part of her left trouser leg is missing, from above her leg holsters to below her knee. She wears many different holsters, including a webbed belt with double strapped leg holsters. She also has twin shoulder holsters and a leather strap slung across her chest for her shotgun. Her hair is dirty blonde and roughly cut to just above her shoulders and is center parted. The left side of the dress is cut to hip level and the right side falls to below the knee.

  • One of the earliest online zombie games was a game called De-animator where zombies would approach from the side.
  • Alice was experimented on, along with Matt, who became the monstrous Nemesis.
  • Alice realizes that the Isaacs she killed was a clone while Isaacs realizes that Alice knows of the anti-virus.
  • Shortly afterward the rescue team was intercepted by a surviving Jill and her enforcer, the clone of Rain.
  • She also wears a navy blue crop top, black denim demobraza jeans, black shiny lace-up boots, and black fingerless patted fingerless gloves.

Infected after escaping the Undead-infested facility, Alice was taken away by Umbrella for testing. As she had not succumbed to the T-virus and transformed into an Undead, the acquisition of Alice became a major goal to the company as a means of surviving the pandemic. Alice ultimately crippled Umbrella’s leadership nonetheless, paving the way for its Red Queen computer system to take full control of its remaining assets, now intent on humanity’s destruction. Unknown to Alice, this was another Umbrella ploy to wipe out humanity, a ploy that was highly successful. Following the fall of Washington, DC, Alice was contacted by the Red Queen to bring a final end to the Global T-Virus pandemic and Umbrella.

As if her own horrific side effects weren’t bad enough, a bite from Rose turns other hapless victims into flesh-eating zombies as well, and the rabies-like pandemic spreads like wildfire through Quebec and Montreal. Aspiring fashion designer, Rose Miller, finds it hard to fit in with her shrewd, vitriolic competitors within the industry. But when a terrible motorcycle accident leaves already less-than-confident Rose with a horribly disfigured face, things go from bad to worse and Rose thinks her life is over. An opportunity to undergo an experimental stem cell procedure to rebuild her face results in a new and improved Rose who is finally ready to take on her competition. Unfortunately, beneath her new beauty lurks a deadly side effect from her treatment—a sudden hunger for human flesh and blood.

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Alice Abernathy-Marcus is the protagonist of the Resident Evil film series. The plot of each film generally revolves around her struggle with the Umbrella Corporation. Alice also appears in the film’s novelizations which go into greater detail of her backstory.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for scares, consider a more traditional zombie movie such as Resident Evil, a film adaptation of the classic Resident Evilvideo game series.. One of the best zombie movies was released during the pandemic and was also about a pandemic—in this case a worldwide contagious disease that turns people into regretful but ravenous zombies. Released in 2020, this film stars Tyler Posey and Summer Spiro as well as veteran actor, Donald Sutherland.

Making their way through the Hive’s vent system, guided by a holographic map on the Red Queen’s device, Alice’s group is forcibly separated and Alice ends up alone with Michael who is killed by a Licker-like creature. After a fight, Alice ensnares the creature with a chain then kills it with a knife through the brain. She meets up with Doc and they continue their way through the Hive, eventually reaching the laser corridor where so many of James Shade’s Sanitation team lost their lives. Alice finds some of the Sanitation team’s old equipment at the end of the corridor and arms herself and Doc with better weapons from their bags. Alice then activates an elevator which lowers them into the Hive where they spot stasis chambers containing thousands of Umbrella personnel and the entire Umbrella High Command. Alice and Doc then plant the Sanitation team’s explosives on the stasis chambers to destroy the Hive and those within.

As she tries to figure out what happened, Alice runs into a group of commandos who are called to recover the dangerous T-Virus, which had potentially escaped inside the laboratory facility. The earliest use of the English word zombie was recorded in the early 1800s. One influential novel Frankenstein, used technology to reanimate the dead. With some influence taken from gothic romanticism, the zombie continued to evolve. One example was Cool Air that featured a doctor that used refrigeration to prevent his body from decomposing.

In the Hive, Alice encounters another Isaacs, awoken by Wesker, who reveals himself to be the real Alexander Isaacs and the one Alice encountered in the convoy to be a clone who was unaware of his true nature. The real Isaacs has technological upgrades that give him an advantage against Alice, predicting her every move. Isaacs reveals Alice’s own true nature as a clone of Alicia Marcus and his plan to kill both Alice and Alicia which will give him full control of Umbrella. Alicia uses her fifty percent control of Umbrella to fire Wesker, allowing the Red Queen, allied with Alice, to crush Wesker’s legs with a door. Isaacs flees with the anti-virus that can stop the T-virus once and for all and shuts the Red Queen down so that she can’t help Alice anymore. Isaacs life support system revives him in time to stop Alice from releasing the anti-virus, but he is then confronted by his clone.

As she wonders what to do next, she was attacked and defeats her assailant but was shocked to see that its Claire with a Scarab device on her chest. Alice removes the device, but finds that Claire suffers memory-loss from a drug the device injected her with. They soon after escaped the lab and retrieved the vials from his body, Spence having been killed by one of the escaped creatures.

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In The Final Chapter, after being captured by an Umbrella convoy leading an army of Undead to Raccoon City, Alice is shocked to find it commanded by Isaacs, having thought him dead years before. Isaacs uses human captives dragged behind the tank to lure the Undead to follow him. Alice quickly realizes that the Isaacs she previously fought was just a clone with Isaacs telling her that he was awoken from stasis to finish leading the destruction of humanity. Alice eventually manages to escape, chopping off Isaacs’ hand in the process.

After saving the survivors, Jill Valentine demands an explanation on how Alice knew they were inside the church. Alice evades the question and instead explains her knowledge regarding the events leading into the outbreak at Raccoon City, telling them that she used to work for Umbrella. After receiving a phone call from Dr. Ashford the survivors make a deal to rescue his daughter from her school in exchange for a safe route out of the city. Night of the Living Dead quickly became increasingly popular, which opened up the way towards not only other zombie horror movies but to the horror genre in general.

Aided by technological upgrades, Isaacs is able to evade all of their attacks. Alice ends up fighting Isaacs in the laser corridor, evading the lasers, but unable to defeat Isaacs who easily tosses her around. Finally, Isaacs cuts off the fingers of Alice’s left hand with the lasers, but Alice uses the opportunity to drop an activated grenade in his pocket, apparently killing Isaacs.

Zombie shooter is just one of our action games available for download – we also have games such as Alien Shooter or Operation Anti-Terror! Zombie Shooter itself however has been developed by Sigma-Team and has become a firm favorite with many PC users for its shooting style gameplay and easy to follow maps. It was there than Sam Isaacs set a trap for her, with a shipping crate full of Super Undead. But Alice was able to fight off the paralyzing influence, and massacred Isaacs’ strike team.

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Alice’s costume from the third film was designed by Milla Jovovich’s clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk. Jovovich had a lot of influence in the costumes of the series after the first film. When the nuclear strike ordered by Major Cain occurs, the helicopter Alice and the others use to escape was caught by the shock waves from the blast. A pole of some sort inside the helicopter was shaken loose by the blast and spins toward Angela.

However, the original film is still hailed as the best and can still impact modern audiences despite the lack of modern special effects. Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968 and was considered unprecedented for its time. The film follows a group in a small town that has, for no apparent reason, been attached by zombies who have risen from the grave and are determined to chow down on human flesh.

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However, as Alice is not an authorized user of the motorcycle, it shocks her unconscious. Alice awakens inside an Umbrella tank with several chained people and, to her surprise, Dr. Alexander Isaacs as Alice had previously killed him. Alice realizes that the Isaacs she killed was a clone while Isaacs realizes that Alice knows of the anti-virus. To force her to talk, Isaacs drags Alice behind the tank which has a horde of thousands of Undead following it.

Sometimes the best zombie movie is going to add something a little extra to the zombie trope. In Dead Snow, the Nazi trope meets the zombie trope in a gruesome adventure. When it comes to finding the best zombie movie, most of us are skeptical of remakes. However, the Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake, which is based on the George Romero classic, does a great job of honoring its roots and offers hours of zombie-induced scares. Because the zombie trope is so diverse, and popular, choosing the best zombie movie is a formidable challenge. However, movie night shouldn’t be complicated, which is why, If you’re in the mood for a zombie movie, we offer some of the greatest zombie films to consider.

Instead, Alice outwitted her captors and left them to their fates, being ripped apart by the Cerberus. Moving through the lab, she remembered the existence of the Anti-Virus; the team followed her in search of it. Entering the viral research lab to find it empty of both the T-virus and Anti-Virus, Spence remembered his actions and turned on the others. With Alice unwilling to come with him as he explained his original plan, she was left locked with the others as he ran to the train station where he had hidden the vials. Alice was a leading party in the conflict against the Umbrella Corporation during the Global T-virus Pandemic. Originally a high-ranking Umbrella security operator, she joined a deep cover operation by members of the US law enforcement to reveal the company’s illegal viral research data to the world.

Sure, the zombies don’t look as scary, but the plots are just as, if not more, engaging, nonetheless. The first zombie horror movies were made with minimal special effects and, with film technology advancing, many have tried to combine the classic zombie genre with improved makeup and post-production technology. When looking at a remake, definitely take a peek at reviews to ensure that the remake is worth watching. Since Night of the Living Dead’s release in the 1960s, zombies have become a standard horror trope. If you’re looking for a zombie movie to enjoy there is no shortage of choices. In a world that is overrun by zombies after a mysterious epidemic, there are very few human survivors and a whole lot of zombies walking about.

But, what the movie lacks in special effects, it makes up for in originality. Whether they’re rising from the grave or trying to munch on some fresh brains, zombies can be pretty terrifying. Since the inception of the horror movie genre, zombies have been a popular trope and have been presented in many different ways. Whether you enjoy action, adventure, comedy, or even a bit of romance with your zombies, there is probably a zombie movie that you’ll enjoy. The zombie film genre is a highly saturated one, so it’s easy to get lost in the sea of zombie movies.

A shootout occurs, resulting in Ada’s capture and Alice and Becky’s escape. Entering the Moscow simulation, they encounter a second clone of Rain who Alice asks to look after Becky as she goes forward to meet the rescue team. Alice enters the Moscow environment and rescues the group from a collection of Las Plagas Undead and a Licker. Claire and Chris unsuccessfully battle Wesker while Alice kills the Cerberus with one of her shotguns and wounds Wesker with a knife to the head. Wesker survives his wound, so Claire and Chris unload their pistols into him and trap him with Bennett.

Forced to climb through ventilation, they aimed to reach the train before their escape could be sealed off. Breaking from the group, Alice became aware of her martial arts skills when she instinctively kicked a Cerberus. In Resident Evil, the Red Queen’s holographic avatar was modeled on the daughter of Umbrella’s head programmer. When the T-virus was released, she sealed the exits and killed the Umbrella employees; she also released a gas that left Alice out cold with amnesia.

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Alice and the others’ paths were divided when the Nemesis ambushes them and kills Peyton. Alice opts to fight the Nemesis while the others escape in order to locate Angela at the school. Alice was bested by Nemesis in their first encounter and barely escapes with her life. She later reunites with the others at the school, arriving in time to rescue Jill and Angela from the Cerberuss who had been stalking them. She ignites the gas from the kitchen stove with a cigarette, killing the dogs in the explosion.

On their way they found Spence, who had also been rendered amnesiac due to the nerve gas. In 2002, Alice began talking to an Umbrella researcher named Lisa Addison, who was secretly a mole working for former FBI agent Matt Addison. Rather than arrest her, Alice offered to help Lisa expose Umbrella’s bio-weapons research through a plan to disable the Red Queen security system and allow the theft of a T-virus sample. Alice was created by Umbrella as a clone of Alicia Marcus, the daughter of co-founder James Marcus. Alice’s purpose was to protect the Looking Glass House and she remained unaware of her true nature as a clone, thinking that she was the original as all Umbrella clones were created to believe.

They were both seized and taken into quarantine at Raccoon General Hospital. Alice was experimented on, along with Matt, who became the monstrous Nemesis. Alice, on the other hand, did not mutate when injected with the T-virus, instead evolving into a better human being.


To the public, she was married to Spence; however, their marriage was a sham for the sake of guarding the mansion. Her we list the main features of Zombie Shooter that you will be able to experience whilst playing this great action shooter game. As the zombie trope evolved, there have been a few different types of zombies that can be separated by various characteristics. The story begins with Alice, played by Jovovich, waking up in a seemingly deserted mansion. Upon waking, Alice realizes that she does not know who she is or where she is.

Underneath, Alice wears a small black mini skirt and flat, black, three-quarter knee length boots complete the outfit. Alice’s hair is cut in a rough style to just above her shoulders and is parted at the side and layered. She is also a skilled combatant, being able to fight even with her hands bound. An example of her hand-to-hand combat prowess is shown when Bennett holds her at gunpoint, then she quickly disarms and kicks him. Alice is skilled with various forms of weaponry and is able to improvise weapons from random debris. In Afterlife, for instance, Alice wields a pair of sawed-off shotguns that fire custom “coin-shot” ammunition.

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Because odds of survival are slim, people have taken to calling each other by their places of origin, or at least their location during the pandemic. On the surface, Alice drops the anti-virus only to have it caught by Isaacs’ who survived due to a life support system installed within himself. As Isaacs holds Alice at gunpoint, they are interrupted by the Isaacs’ clone Alice had fought earlier who arrives with an Undead army to stop her. The Isaacs clone is shocked to see his real self and refuses to believe that he is a clone. Alice retrieves the anti-virus and with an Undead army closing upon her, drops the anti-virus to the ground, shattering the capsule and releasing the anti-virus.

Some humorous moments and laugh-out-loud one-liners to lighten things up also help to make a great zombie movie, but overall they should be more scary than funny. Most zombie films don’t waste any time getting to the point, though some can often wander into long run times. As with any movie, choose a film that fits your preferred time frame and schedule. Jim, a courier who had suffered an accident happens to wake up from a coma in a deserted ICU 28 days after the outbreak of the virus. Jim is helped by survivors who inform Jim that Britain is being overrun by infected and that the problem may be world-wide.

With the help of Claire Redfield, Alice returned to the Hive where she discovered her true nature as a clone of Alicia Marcus. With the aid of the Red Queen, Claire and Alicia, Alice destroyed the Hive and Umbrella and unleashed an anti-virus capable of bringing an end to the global pandemic. Due to the attempt to continue furthering the zombie trope, there have been some movies that combine the classic zombie elements with a bit of comedy or even romance. For instance, if you want to laugh a bit, consider a zombie action-comedy such as Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland.

Alice reassures the girl that she was her mother and they are again attacked by the Licker. Using the explosives from earlier, Alice destroys the Licker and escapes with the child. They reach the surface and reunite with the rescue team while Umbrella Prime floods beneath them when the explosives go off.

In an ironic twist, Isaacs is stabbed to death by his own clone when the clone can’t accept that he isn’t the real Isaacs, a piece of programing in the clones that Isaacs had earlier found amusing. The Isaacs clone is killed by his own Undead army, allowing Alice to retrieve and release the anti-virus as the Hive is destroyed by explosives she planted. The story of the game is that a deadly virus has broken out and infected all of the scientists at a research center and is beginning to spread throughout the city. You must make your way through each level killing zombies and trying to find the cause of the infection. The game gets progressively harder as you get closer to your end goal of finding out what really happened at the research center and you must make your way to the evacuation center and join the battle for survival. Love the concept, but not sure about zombies or want to shoot something different from time to tome?

Reaching the bottom of the Hive, Alice is confronted by the real Doctor Alexander Isaacs who reveals that the one she encountered before was yet another clone. Isaacs threatens to destroy the anti-virus, forcing Alice to disarm herself and is amused by her attempts to find a suitable weapon from the instruments in the room. To Alice’s shock, she is revealed to be a clone herself, of Alicia Marcus, the daughter of Umbrella co-founder Doctor James Marcus. As time runs out for humanity, Alicia fires Wesker, enabling the Red Queen to drop a blast door on his arm, crushing it and trapping Wesker.

By the end of Apocalypse, she develops telekinetic abilities by added experimentation. It is possible that her ability to project her face on the screens is somehow related to Isaacs having developed a way to control her via satellite, suggesting she gained some form of interface with technology. The blast was powerful enough to destroy most of the corridor of the mansion similarly to an explosion. Use of her psychic abilities can cause her head pain or even render her unconscious, resulting in them rarely being used in battle.

Alice is designed to teach logical and computational thinking skills, fundamental principles of programming and to be a first exposure to object-oriented programming. Written by Edgar Wright, Shaun of the Dead is set in London and follows Shaun, an electronic salesman who cannot seem to get his life together. When the group becomes curious, they learn that the battalion, lead by Colonel Hargoz, have all managed to defy time by turning into a band of flesh-hungry zombies who will eat just about anyone that comes too close. When the group of students stumbles upon the Nazi treasure, they become the latest snack on the Nazi-zombie menu and are forced to fight for survival. A zombie is a reanimated corpse, and you probably already knew that, though.

The zombies should have clearly defined qualities so the viewer understands their strengths and weaknesses. Is one of the best zombie movies based on a remake of an original B-movie cult classic. Starting in the mid and late 1900s, film zombies became what we think of today as a modern zombie. The undead were typically infected by a pathogen, scientific accident, or under the control of a fatal virus. Although slow and thoughtless as individuals, these zombies could sometimes form large groups. Films helped popularize the evolution of the fast zombie, which was slow until disturbed.

Unlike many thrillers and horror movies, zombie movies are often fun to watch just for the effectiveness of the makeup and costumes used to turn people into monsters. The “monsters” in these movies are living dead or disease-mutated humans, so we are essentially looking at the worst versions of ourselves that we can imagine. When looking for the best zombie movie, it’s hard to ignore 28 Days Later. The film has received critical acclaim for its storyline and increased the popularity of fast-moving zombies. Early zombie movies traditionally featured slow-moving zombies that would hobble towards the target and devour anyone who can’t get away fast enough and who can generally be outrun with ease. While 28 Days Later is not the first film to feature fast-moving zombies, it is the first that has become popular.


While the film was initially ill-received by critics and studios, it peaked audience curiosity and quickly became popular. When it comes to finding the best zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero is impossible to ignore. After all, Night of the Living Dead is not only a classic, but one of the first zombie movies ever made.

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Though the ship was abandoned, the log states over 2,000 people are still aboard. Claire’s memory of the events in Alaska returns and Alice realizes that Arcadia was an Umbrella trap to lure survivors into their grasp. Alice leaves Chris and Claire the duty of freeing the prisoners (starting with K-Mart), while she follows a blood trail to another room. Wesker reveals that his t-Virus powers allowed him to regenerate, but unlike Alice, the t-Virus was taking him over and he believed that feeding on her flesh will allow him to regain full control of himself. His actions and insanity were why the crew abandoned ship and he holds her at bay with an armed Bennett and two Cerberuss. However, Claire and Chris step in and Alice reminds him that she promised to “bring a few friends” along with her when she faced him.

Sometimes, it can take place after the immediate arrival of the apocalypse. Zombieland is set two months after mad-cow disease turned to mad-person disease which essentially turned most Americans and presumably everyone else in the world into zombies. It isn’t clear how the disease started to spread initially but once bitten, people do become infected and, after a brief death, become reanimated.

Retrieving the anti-virus, Alice is ordered by Claire to return to the surface alone as time is very nearly up. Alice makes it to the surface just before the Hive is destroyed by the explosives, killing the Umbrella High Command, Albert Wesker and Alicia Marcus. Alice helps the tower’s inhabitants prepare their defenses and when Isaacs and his army arrive, commands the defense of the tower.

She had the chance to shoot down his helicopter, but realized that it could be the convoy’s ticket to Alaska. She shows her love to Carlos by sharing a romantic kiss with him just before he sacrifices himself. Carlos, who had been infected by an infected L.J, drove a rigged tanker truck into a swarm of Undead, sacrificing himself to allow the survivors into the nearby Umbrella facility, where the convoy survivors lifted off. Alice, though, decided to stay behind, and finished things with Umbrella once and for all.

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Reaching Raccoon City, Alice spots a ruined tower on which someone also spots her. As Alice makes her way towards the tower, the last human settlement, she falls into a trap and is knocked unconscious. Upon waking up, Alice takes a hostage leading a tense standoff before Claire Redfield arrives, recognizes Alice and ends the standoff. Claire explains her escape from Umbrella and Alice warns the people of the settlement of the approaching Undead army led by two Umbrella tanks and the Red Queen’s plan to end the pandemic.

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When West is blackmailed by Dr. Hill, a former colleague who seeks to take credit for the reanimation process, West decapitates Hill and uses the opportunity to experiment on a headless body. The re-animation allows Gil to escape and gain control of other zombies, whim Gil then sends after West and his girlfriend, Megan. In fact, having something funny in between watching characters run and hide helps make the movie more enjoyable for some viewers. Shaun of the Dead is among the first to combine all of the horrors of a classic zombie movie with a bit of humor. Making their way through the Hive, Alice and Claire confront Isaacs in the elevator to the surface.

When it comes to the best zombie movie, sometimes you want something a little different. Warm Bodies takes the zombie trope in an entirely new direction by adding a Romeo and Juliet-esque romantic twist. Based on a novel by the same name, Warm Bodies takes us on a humorous romantic adventure and proves that love can conquer all- even zombies. Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez star in this first installment of Resident Evil, which had multiple successors in addition to an already successful video game franchise. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who is famous for other successful video game adaptations including Mortal Kombat in 1995, the film delivers all of the thrill of the video game in a movie format that everyone can enjoy.

Return to Raccoon City with new Resident Evil series on Netflix – 1428 Elm

Return to Raccoon City with new Resident Evil series on Netflix.

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She was durable enough to be barely affected when being tasered and regained full use of her finger after snapping it back into place. 3 weeks after the outbreak in Raccoon City, Alice has been taken to a Umbrella facility in Detroit. She wakes from stasis in a tank, with no memory of the outbreak or The Hive. It was revealed that Isaacs reanimated Alice with a new strain of the t-Virus which gave her telekinetic abilities, making her Umbrella’s most successful experiment. When asked about her name or any indication of the incident, Alice’s memories return and she responds, “My name is Alice. And I remember everything,”.

The group manages to secure the mall and, the next day, new survivors are brought in. It is at this point that the group learns that the disease spreads via zombie bites. Over this she wears a short sleeved brown shirt, with only a few buttons done up at the bottom. She also wears brown full chaps with stocking-style straps at the front, which appear to be part of her shirt, as well as short olive/stone cotton cut-off shorts. Her olive/stone twin leg holsters are held with waist straps that cross over at the back.

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Alice’s plane was hijacked by Bennett and the only escape vehicle was unusable due to the engine having been removed. Alice leads an escape through a tunnel dug by Undead that leads into the storm drains. Alice thanks Wesker, happy he removed her powers as she’s now fully human again. Six months later, Alice pilots a two-seater plane to Alaska in hopes of finding Arcadia and the other survivors. She later finds the chopper flown by Claire Redfield abandoned on a nearby beach with the journal she gave K-Mart still inside, but nothing else.

Dozens of corpses, all with her face, filled a ditch on the grounds of the facility; clones, created by Isaacs to further his research into the virus and the anti-virus. The best zombie movies are those that are chillingly realistic—or at least as realistic as flesh-eating undead humans can be. They have to feel at least relatively possible, such as zombies resulting from a pandemic.

When a pandemic hits that turns people into murderous zombies, Aiden locks himself into his apartment alone and chronicles his own struggle to survive with limited supplies as society crumbles outside his door. As the group attempts to infiltrate the compound and reach its way to the Red Queen, the lab’s super-intelligent computer operation system. Gerry eventually realizes that the virus has a weakness and sets out to test his theories as a way to give humanity a potential advantage. Israel had prepared for the siege due to the fact that their intelligence intercepted a communication involving zombies several months before. Unfortunately, the zombies eventually find a way to scale the wall and overrun the city. During his escape, and throughout his travels, Gerry continues to gather information about the zombies in his quest to find enough to give the government and ensure his family’s safety.

Spence revived as an Undead, which Alice killed with glee; she promptly abandoned her wedding ring with his corpse. They boarded the train and took the Anti-virus; however, a Licker attacked them, scratching Matt and Rain turned into an Undead. The Licker kicked Kaplan, while Matt killed Rain and Alice killed the Licker. A great zombie movie has relatable, well-developed characters that the viewer can root for as they struggle for survival against a zombie onslaught. Later, these tales were tied into voodoo traditions with the belief that skilled voodoo practitioners could create zombies. In some cases, slow zombies possess extra strength, especially when they’ve managed to munch on a new victim.

The only hope for survival is a Manchester group of soldiers who may have an antidote. When a quiet, awkward young woman tries to compete in the cut-throat world of fashion design, she’s overlooked and mocked. When her face is destroyed in a motorcycle accident, Rose receives experimental treatment that turns her into a revenge-seeking eater of human flesh.

Paced shooter game where you must make your way through each level, killing zombies. Alice begins to recover her memory and it turns out that one of the survivors, Matt, is not an employee but a man whose sister was an environmental activist who snuck into the lab to steal the T-virus as proof. The team also learns that the virus is bio-engineered to turn people and animals into violent, flesh-eating zombies. The movie follows Columbus, a nerdy college grad who has survived the apocalypse thus far and is on his way home from college to see if his family has managed to survive as well. During the journey, Columbus encounters Tallahassee, another survivor who has a penchant for killing zombies and a deep love for twinkies.

Alice 2 has a proven record as great tool for learning logical and computational thinking skills and the fundamental principles of programming. The easy to use drag and drop interface makes programming easy and can even help you transition to a text based language.

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Isaacs leads his army against the last human settlement in the ruins of Raccoon City, but Alice commands an effective defense, destroying the army and Isaacs commandos. Isaacs himself manages to escape, and takes command of another Umbrella army, slaughtering a tank crew and leading the army into the crater leading to the Hive in an effort to stop Alice once and for all. Also, keep in mind that classic versions of zombie movies can also be enjoyable.

When an Umbrella U.B.C.S. commando team is sent to investigate, she kills most of them with her defense systems. She is later forced to help the survivors find a way out, since her main circuit breakers were disabled to prevent rebooting. As the anti-virus has a slimmer chance of working the longer one is infected, she demands Rain be killed; however, she is shut down by Kaplan.

Cain orders Nemesis’ immediate execution, but Alice refuses the order and the offer to rejoin the Umbrella corporation at his side. Disappointed, Cain orders Matt to kill her, however, the Nemesis rebels – implying that he remembers Alice from The Hive – and attacks the Umbrella soldiers instead. He later protects Alice from the helicopters trying to kill her, taking them out with one shot from his rocket launcher. Alice tries to evade the crash, but was rendered unconscious by flying shrapnel from one of the helicopters. She later regains consciousness when Carlos and Angela go to retrieve her. As she was pulled to her feet, she spots the Nemesis’ hand sticking out from underneath the burning wreck of one of the helicopters.

Wesker regenerates, kills Bennett and escapes on another chopper and activates another bomb to blow up the Arcadia. Alice quickly calls Chris and Claire to escape the cargo hold, but merely to watch as his plane was destroyed. Prior to her encounter with Wesker, Alice had removed the ship’s bomb and placed it inside the plane that he would later use to escape. After escaping the laboratory in Detroit, Alice leaves the group, realizing that she was a threat to her companions, and sets out across the deserted American landscape, presumably as the global outbreak occurs. Five years later, she responds to a call for help from an abandoned radio station. The call was a trap, however, and Alice was captured by a group of psychopaths and thrown into a pit of Cerberus’ for their amusement.

As Isaacs’ flees with the anti-virus, Alice reveals she had figured out Doc was the mole due to his survival and hands him over to Claire to kill. She then leaves the detonator for the explosives in Wesker’s hand so that when he bleeds to death, the Hive will be destroyed. Alice is urged by Alicia and the Red Queen to chase after Isaacs’ as he only has to evade her long enough for the last human settlement to be destroyed to win. Though Claire, Alicia and the Red Queen all warn Alice she will die as well due to the T-virus inside herself, she is determined to end things. The group had lost several commandos in a trap set by the security system, so was incapable in fighting off the escaped Undead, resulting in the infection of almost the entire team.

Alice watches as the anti-virus quickly spreads through the Undead army, instantly killing them all upon contact, before collapsing herself from the effects of the anti-virus. Alice begins making her way to Raccoon City, finding an intact Umbrella motorcycle in the rubble along the way. Alice is caught in an Umbrella trap, but kills the soldiers who attack her and escapes.

When Alice refuses to fight Nemesis under Cain’s orders, Ashford is mercilessly executed by Cain as a show of force to get her to fight Nemesis, with Cain threatening to kill Angela, Jill, Carlos, and L.J. Though Alice is able to defeat Nemesis, she refuses to kill him upon realizing he’s Matt. Surrounded by the zombie horde, Cain tries to fight them off with a discarded pistol, but realizing his fate, turns the gun on himself to commit suicide, but finds that he’s out of bullets. In an ironic twist, the first zombie to reach and bite him was the reanimated Dr. Ashford. Cain is vaporized with the zombie horde when the tactical nuke detonates over Raccoon City Hall and obliterates the city.