Who does Alex Parrish marry?

Six months after accepting the offer, Alex is seen, working a desk job as an analyst at the Agency, while living with Shelby and continuing her relationship with Ryan, who later becomes her fiancé.

Who Framed Parrish Quantico?

The supervising training agent Liam O’Connor is eventually revealed to be the responsible individual and is shot and killed by Parrish and Booth. Parrish is fired from the FBI because of the subsequent publicity of the bombings and Liam’s treachery.

What did Alex’s dad do in Quantico?

Trivia. He is the father of Alex Parrish. During Alex’s formative years, he physically abused his wife, Sita Parrish.

Why was Tina Goldstein demoted?

Tina was dismissed from her position as an Auror for magically assaulting the No-maj Mary Lou Barebone.

Who is Clayton Haas in Quantico?

Mark Pellegrino: Clayton Haas.

Who is Roarke in Quantico?

Henry Roarke (portrayed by Dennis Boutsikaris) was a former U.S President and the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He was identified as one of the eight collaborators behind the group that initially planned on instigating the 2018 Hostage Crisis event at the G-20 summit in New York.

Who is Alice Winter

Who was the real bomber in Quantico?

In Yes, it was revealed that Liam O’Connor was the true mastermind behind the two bombing attacks. Liam planted the bombs at Grand Central Terminal (GCT) using the bombing plans from Simon Asher in the past timeline at Quantico.

Why was Tina absent?

However, Tina’s position as a U.S. Auror had never stopped her from helping Newt or Dumbledore before. She’s a passionate witch who would have done what she felt was right no matter her new status, so the excuse given for her absence is a weak, head-scratching one.

Why did Liam bomb Grand Central?

Motive. In Yes, Liam highlighteed his motive to Alex Parrish. He revealed himself, as the true mastermind behind the two bombing attacks. Liam mentioned that he wanted to make Alex a scapegoat for the bombings.

Did Katherine Waterston have her baby?

In November 2018, Waterston confirmed that she was expecting her first child. Her son was born in 2019.

Who is Sam Waterston famous daughter?

But audiences might be surprised to learn that the 80-year-old’s daughter, Katherine Waterson, is pretty famous herself – and film fans will definitely recognise her. Like her father, Katherine, 41, first made her mark on the acting world in theatre. But soon after she moved into performing for film and TV.

Does Shelby date clay in Quantico?

She is a former romantic interest of Clay Haas. In The Conscience Code, it was revealed that she is married to Ryan Booth.