How strong is storm Bella?

Gusts of more than 100mph have been recorded after Storm Bella brought heavy rain and high winds to large parts of the UK. The Needles, on the Isle of Wight, saw gusts that reached 106mph (170kmh).

Who is Alex Storm

Who named storms UK?

How are storms named? In the UK, the Met Office – which keeps track of the weather – names powerful storms. They do it to make people more aware when severe weather is on the way. In the past we’ve had lots of storms with different names including Storm Francis, Storm Dennis, and Storm Ophelia.

Who is Alex Storm

What is the next storm called after Franklin?

Storm Gladys 2022: Here’s what the next storm is called after Storm Franklin – and when it could hit the UK. The next storm will be called Storm Gladys.

Has there ever been a hurricane Alice?

Hurricane Alice was the second-strongest Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the month of June since reliable records began in the 1850s.

Who is Alex Storm

What is storm Aiden?

Storm Aiden1 brought strong winds and heavy rain to the UK on 31 October 2020. The storm was part of a spell of turbulent, wet and very windy weather from late October to early November as a succession of deep Atlantic low pressure systems, associated with a powerful jet stream, crossed the UK.

Where did storm Bella come from?

Storm Bella was the second named storm of the 2020/2021 season. Bella was a large, deep area of low pressure dominating the North Atlantic, bringing persistent heavy rain across western Scotland on 26 December, with heavy rain and very strong winds sweeping across England and Wales overnight 26 to 27 December.