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During the third set, Kunimi is subbed back in for Kyōtani to recollect himself. As he is about to attack, Kageyama predicts that he is going to do a tip, and is correct. In the final set, Kunimi is also of the triple block that read Kageyama’s motion to set to Hinata, but they still fail to block him. After Aoba Johsai’s loss, Kunimi does not go to the ramen shop with his team. Despite this, that night he is seen practicing quietly in his room with a hard stare on his face.

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Takashi is accidentally killed by Nezu in his attempt to assassinate Akira, and the psychic trauma revolving around it afterward caused Akira to destroy Neo-Tokyo with his immense powers. He is revived along with the rest of the deceased Espers near the end of the series. Strong-willed and sensitive, she is a member of the terrorist resistance movement led by the government mole Nezu.

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Volume 3

The fourth logo for Akira, used for chapters 49–71, returned to using katakana and was created by manga artist Hiroshi Hirata as Otomo wanted a Japanese calligraphy-style. Having come to the “final chapter” of the series, Otomo figured he should change the logo again and went with an English font similar to Impact for the title and his name for chapters 72–120. He had already been using Impact with the top “trimmed off”, which gives a dignified and American comics feel, for the covers of the collected volumes. However, some fans believe some of the fonts actually used do not match the above named typefaces. On December 6, 1982, an apparent nuclear explosion destroys Tokyo and starts World War III. By 2019, a new city called Neo-Tokyo has been built on artificial islands in Tokyo Bay. Although Neo-Tokyo is set to host the XXXII Olympic Games, the city is gripped by anti-government terrorism and gang violence.

As Kaneda and Kei ride through Neo-Tokyo, they see ghostly visions of Tetsuo and Yamagata. They also see the city shedding its ruined facade, returning to its former splendor. The following day, Tetsuo enters the secret military base at the Olympic site, gruesomely killing any soldiers that get in his way. Colonel Shikishima comes to the base and tries to talk Tetsuo out of his plan; Kaneda and Kei enter the base through the sewers and witness the unfolding situation.