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McPherson’s reputation as a faith healer grew as people came to her by the tens of thousands. McPherson’s faith-healing practices were extensively covered in the news and were a large part of her early-career success. Over time, though, she largely withdrew from faith-healing, but still scheduled weekly and monthly healing sessions which remained popular until her death. Allegations of love affairs directed against McPherson started during the 1926 kidnapping trial. Alarmed by her style of dress and involvement with Hollywood, a Temple official hired detectives in 1929 to shadow McPherson. After McPherson’s death, unsubstantiated allegations of affairs continued to emerge.

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Harold McPherson followed her to bring her home, but changed his mind after seeing her preaching, and joined her in evangelism, setting up tents for revival meetings and preaching. The couple sold their house and lived out of their “Gospel Car”. Harold McPherson, despite his initial enthusiasm, wanted a more stable and predictable life, and returned to Rhode Island. In 1918 he filed for separation, then petitioned for divorce, citing abandonment; the divorce was granted in 1921.

One production, The Iron Furnace, based on the Exodus story, saw Hollywood actors assist with obtaining costumes. In June 1925, after an earthquake in Santa Barbara McPherson interrupted a radio broadcast to request food, blankets, clothing, and emergency supplies. In 1928, after a dam failed and the ensuing flood left up to 600 dead, McPherson’s church led the relief effort. In 1933, an earthquake struck and devastated Long Beach. McPherson quickly arranged for volunteers offering blankets, coffee, and doughnuts.

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The line between the church as an independent moral authority monitoring government became blurred. Japanese Americans’ internment in relocation camps was overlooked, and she refused to allow her denomination to support Christians who remained pacifist. Church members and leaders were expected to be willing to take up arms. The pacifist clause, by her proposal, was eliminated by the Foursquare Gospel Church. McPherson’s revival in New York City was less fruitful due to her sensationalistic reputation.

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As a consequence, the commissary was briefly shut down, and the staff was let go. However, students from her Foursquare Gospel Church’s L.I.F.E. Bible College filled in. Raising more money than expected, McPherson altered the plans and built a “megachurch”.

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Her gender and divorces were of particular concern to many fundamentalist churches with which she wanted to work. However, atheist Charles Lee Smith remarked that she had an extraordinary mind, “particularly for a woman”. McPherson’s embrace of the total war strategy of the United States left her open to some criticism.