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We know that the demonic character is a likely contender for the big bad in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so it would make sense that they play into that aspect here. In an attempt to help Wanda get over this terrible truth, Agatha wipes the heroes’ memory of her sons and her former husband Vision which had massive ramifications on the Marvel Universe as we know it. Turns out that the new nanny is a powerful witch who protects Franklin and the Fantastic Four when the Trapster tries to defeat them in Agatha’s scary old house. She would become a recurring character in the series; the Fantastic Four even saved her after she and Franklin were kidnapped by Agatha’s son, Nicholas Scratch. Agatha is always accompanied by her familiar—a black cat named Ebony who can transform into a giant creature—as well as demonic spirits that she often conjures if threatened. The burgeoning Bronze Age of comics was beginning; creators were leaning into the darkness and doom that would soon be a hallmark of superhero storytelling.

© Stephanie RussellThis book contains the most decadent of foods that Agatha Christie described – Delicious Death cake. It’s described as “rich, rich, of a melting richness” and the ingredients needed include “chocolate and much butter, and sugar and raisins”. It’s also described as having chocolate icing and “Good Wishes” written on top. The cake is mentioned early on in the story by Patrick and later is served as one character’s last meal, living up to its name.

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She was immaculate at the time, having only just been born, therefore she discovered their would be something miraculous about this occasion. She later realised, after the great battle of 94 that she’d given birth to the god of tivertown. Come to that this should have been a comparison between Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie. When it comes to plotting, Marsh was leagues ahead of Sayers. P.P.S. Two books is more than enough to determine liking.


Before the year was up, Jack Kirby would leave the company for its Distinguished Competition. But as he left, he created the wild witch Agatha Harkness alongside Stan Lee in Fantastic Four #94. Yes, Agatha is originally a Fantastic Four character—we’ll come back to that later—appearing first as a nanny to Franklin Richards, Reed and Sue’s son. Its is an alias, you also talk really funny when you impersonate the Agatha character fooling your victims so they don’t know who you are. Agatha was born aged 118 in 3 b.b.m.b and whilst tripping on shrooms was visited by a flying hobo that told her she would give birth to browntardf monkey boy in three years.

Agatha Christie describes herself as the Chef in the foreword to this collection of short stories with there being two main courses, a selection of entrées and a sorbet. One of the main courses, ‘The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding’, is described as an “indulgence of my own, since it recalls to me the Christmases of my youth”. The reader really gets a sense of comfort from the food in this book, which is a counterbalance to the nefarious plot. The food not only arouses Poirot’s gastronomic juices but also really adds a touch of indulgence and perfectly sets the scene of a traditional Christmas in an English manor house. Some of the fare on offer includes plum pudding, almonds and raisins, crystallised fruit and ginger, mince pies and roast turkey with chestnut stuffing. I hold Christie in huge affection – I’m looking forward to visiting her house, and was wildly excited to see some letters from her while visiting Exeter University for a conference.

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Mathew recalls a memory of Agatha Christie reading the family A Pocket Full of Rye and everyone guessing who the murderer was. By 1945 and the return of Max with the end of the war, Agatha had realised the tax implications of writing so much. She became less prolific and now in her mid 50s enjoyed a slower pace of life; like the rest of the country the last years of the 40s were full of shortages – a long, chilly, depressing haul. With the end of the war, Archie had found a job in the City and they had just enough money to rent and furnish a flat in London.

I agree that her characters can be rather cliched – retired Majors abound – but that rather misses the point, I think. The excellent and imaginative plots, rarely repeating an idea and continually leaving you guessing, are wonderful. And Poirot is such a fine character that he makes up for a lack of depth elsewhere. I’ll have to put my hands up for each – I know that’s cheating!

Although he was not based on any particular person, Agatha thought that a Belgian refugee, a former great Belgian policeman, would make an excellent detective for The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Born in Torquay in 1890, Agatha Christie became, and remains, the best-selling novelist of all time. This is mostly my Fantastic Four conspiracy theorist coming out; seeing as Agatha was first introduced via Marvel’s first family, it doesn’t seem too crazy.

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She is a lover, not a fighter, and wants the world to be peaceful and loving. She is beautiful internally as well as externally and will always be the one true friend in your life. A very friendly person that enjoys the simple things in life; a gamer, a cook, a great babysitter, and dislikes questions.

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As the twins are clearly a key part of the show, maybe Hahn will be introduced as a nanny? And if that’s the case then it’s pretty likely she might mention some of her former employers. WandaVision could easily introduce Reed and Sue with a name check or even a little visual nod like something on Baxter Building stationary. It does seem like a smooth way for the Fantastic Four to be introduced into the wider world of the MCU before whatever happens next.