Do Addison Lee cars have screens?

Protecting drivers and passengers with Safety Screens in our cars. We have TfL-approved screens across our fleet of people carriers, installed by our qualified team of technicians and cleaned regularly by drivers to ensure hygiene and safety.

Does Addison Lee have WiFi?

If you have taken an Addison Lee in recent months you may have noticed something great. Our fleet is now fitted with WiFi. However it is not just any WiFi, it is fast 4G WiFi, but above all it is free.

Who is Addi Lee

Does Addison Lee work in Edinburgh?

When you need an Edinburgh Airport minicab, all we need is your flight number and we’ll work out how & when to get you there. We even check for delays.

How many people work for Addison Lee?

Careers at Addison Lee

Our drivers may be the face of Addison Lee but they’re not the only ones who make us tick. Behind the scenes we have over 500 staff who help to manage every facet of our operation. And as we continue to expand across the globe, exciting new opportunities will carry on being created.

How much was Addison Lee sold for?

A minicab firm which started in London in the 1970s with one car has been sold for £300m to a private equity firm. Addison Lee, which started in 1975 in south London and now has 4,500 cars, has been bought by the Carlyle Group.

How do I cancel Addison Lee?

You can cancel a booking on our website or mobile app by clicking on your upcoming journey and selecting ‘cancel’ or follow the link on your booking confirmation email and this will allow you to cancel the booking.

Does Addison Lee operate outside London?

UK Cities We Currently Operate in: London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Swansea, Stoke On Trent, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Newcastle.

Are dogs allowed in Addison Lee?

Book the Pet Friendly Car option on the app or web, and your driver will be happy to transport you, your pet, and a second passenger to your destination in comfort and style.

Are Addison Lee drivers DBS checked?

4 answers. Everyone has to have a DBS and Credit check. This is standard for ALL Employees.