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Does Senora Acero come back?

‘Señora Acero’ Season 3 Confirmed: Writer Explains How Sara Aguilar’s Death Will Impact Series On Telemundo. Telemundo ended Season 2 of “Señora Acero” with a shocker, the lead character played by Blanca Soto died.

How does Senora Acero end?

Last night viewers were shocked with the “Señora Acero” finale, El Teca escapes and Sara ends up extradited to a jail in the U.S. to make matters worse Indio Amaro never died.

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Whatever happened to Fernando Colunga?

Fernando Colunga has been reportedly fired from Televisa after he refused to participate in a new telenovela. The Mexican superstar was allegedly called in by Rosy Ocampo, the Vice President of Content at the network after Colunga had a meeting with “Papá A Toda Madre” producer Eduardo Meza.

Carolina Miranda Talks About Playing An Unconventional Role On Malverde: El Santo Patrón On Telemundo [Exclusive Interview] – LRM Online

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Why did Blanca Soto leave the woman of steel?

Reports have surfaced that say Soto is not interested in continuing with this project past the current installment, which has forced producers to think about the future of this franchise. First, Soto has lacked the necessary actual strength this character needs.